Why is Rowan William's message lead story

Ok, I keep a link to Vatican Insider on my iPad for news from Rome. Why do they have a message from Rowan Williams on the front page this morning and not the Pope vaticaninsider.lastampa.it/en/homepage/documents/detail/articolo/anglicani-anglicans-anglicanos-11107/
I heard some of EWTNs broadcast of the Mass from.Rome last night on the way home from work & thought there might be a nice story or something there today.
I am a new Catholic & not trying to stir up controversy, just looking for a good news source from Rome, & while the article was nice, I was a bit shocked.:shrug:

My guess is that Archbishop Rowan Williams provided a copy of his speech in advance, whereas Pope Benedict did not.

The homepage of Vatican Insider is written in Italian

Pope Benedict’s message is covered there, along with Archbishop Williams. However, the English language translation of Vatican Insider doesn’t have coverage of Pope Benedict’s remarks…at least not at this time.

I suspect the English language translator has taken Christmas Day off, and thus Vatican Insider doesn’t have a translation of their coverage of Pope Benedict’s remarks.

Here is the Italian language article about what the Pope said:

Good insight :slight_smile: didn’t think about translation issues

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