Why is Satan consistentely referred to as a dragon/ serpent?


I know Satan is refrred to as an old dragon, a serpent, many times in the bible, I can understand why God would call him a serpent, (lowest of the low, crawling on his belly, etc), but a dragon? That is pretty different than a snake.

I have heard Satan, when he does materialize, takes a winged reptilian form, looking like a literal bipedal dragon…Im assuming that is just the form he prefers to take…but still wonder why he changed into this form if he was once an angel


When they refer to Satan in genesis as a snake…the word they use “Nahash” in Hebrew…which doesn’t translate into something small and weak like a garden snake.

It points to something, dangerous, monstrous. The other time they use it in the bible is when they are talking about sea monsters. So the dragon who we see in Revelation who symbolizes the Devil makes much more sense.

Angels …are immaterial. They are pure spirits. Satan is STILL an angel…just because he sinned does not mean he forfeit his nature anymore than when we sin do we forfeit being human.

I only know of one time he materializes into a dragon/serpent other than in the garden and that’s in the book of revelations.

God bless


The Levant has quite a few species of deadly snakes, so it makes sense for the indiginous people of that region to cast snakes as symbols of evil or other bad stuff. Snakes also are often encountered by accident, move a basket, see a snake, get bit and die. To the ancients who didn’t understand zoology like we do, this showed that snakes are patient, and actively place themselves were we least expect so they can bite us for teh evulz! Toxicity also plays into the way they are played up as evil. Many incredibly toxic animals are quite small: Cone snail, yellow nightstalker, brown recluse… so if a small snake no longer than the length from the tip of your middle finger to your wrist can kill an entire village of people or more, clearly some dark powers are with it.

Also, consider anthropomorphism. Many animals have been given humanlike traits in our legends. Lions are kingly, owls are wise, foxes are clever, bears are strong, hawks are fast and keen-eyed, monkeys are jokers, lambs and doves are innocent, turtles are slow and kind of dim, rabbits are tricky, and pigs are fat, lazy and gluttonous. These are often based on observations of how the animals act and look.

Now how about snakes? Those peircing, unblinking reptilian eyes, the fangs and flickering tongues, they way they coil up and stare at what they intend to bite almost like hypnotism, the way they swallow massive prey whole. It’s all very unsettling and creepy.


Maybe it’s because a snake is never a friend to man. Whenever someone is foolish enough to keep one as a pet the snake has no problem with killing the owner if it gets the chance. And a snake can twist and contort its body into a multitude of convoluted positions and has a forked tongue which symbolizes deceit.


I would like to point out that if you keep a venomous snake, obviously it can kill you, but people generally don’t keep those as pets. Pet snakes aren’t really capable of killing a human unless you try to swallow it and choke to death… Which, the same could be said of my chinchilla, so…


Large boas can kill, but that size is not commonly a pet. Most pet snakes are quite small, like the ball python. And some people do have pet venomous snakes for the coolness factor, but those tend to be both defanged and have had their venom glands removed.


Actually, the Greek word for ‘dragon’ - drakōn - just originally meant a very big snake. It’s only later that in Western lore, dragons became imagined as being fire-breathing winged reptiles with feet. (The Chinese dragon is not considered here.)

I have heard Satan, when he does materialize, takes a winged reptilian form, looking like a literal bipedal dragon…Im assuming that is just the form he prefers to take…but still wonder why he changed into this form if he was once an angel

Where did you get this? I doubt Satan has ‘a form he prefers to take’. He’s a master of disguise, he just uses what he thinks would serve him well; sometimes he could even masquerade as an angel of light or a divine vision.


My point is a pet snake would kill the owner if it had the chance. The only reason why a small snake or a non-venomous snake doesn’t kill the owner is because they aren’t capable of doing it. But if they had the capability and had the opportunity they wouldn’t have any problem doing it. This is unlike other kinds of pets like dogs. A man can have a big dog that is physically capable of killing a man, but the dog won’t (unless it was abused) because dogs aren’t like snakes.


I still disagree. If the only reason a non-venomous snake doesn’t kill the owner is because it isn’t capable, it would still try to bite them or otherwise attack them. Being incapable wouldn’t prevent it from making the attempt. Even a poisonous snake only attacks people it feels threatened by, and it just so happens that if it’s lying under a rock and you move the rock, it feels threatened. At the end of the day, any given snake is just an animal. There’s no internal vendetta against human beings. To most snakes, you’re gigantic and just wandered into its territory.

I would imagine you’ve never actually had a pet snake. I haven’t either, but I’m not convinced that a bull python (which is a common species of pet snake, non-venomous and not capable of killing you) is somehow more than willing to kill me. I’ve held a bull python before. It wrapped itself around my arm and appeared to enjoy being petted. I wasn’t getting any ill will from it, it didn’t try to bite me, and it didn’t try to strangle me or my arm for that matter.

A dog big enough to kill a man is a wolf that won’t kill a man because it’s been domesticated over generations to have traits that are amenable to human beings. A dog big enough to kill a man won’t kill him because to that dog, the man is his pack leader and he will not challenge that authority and has been raised to be friendly towards humans. A dog is naturally inclined to live and work as part of a group, just like a human is, whereas a snake is a solitary animal like a cat. Your cat could kill you if it wanted to, but it won’t because you aren’t a threat, you’re a source of food, and I would imagine in most cases since it lives with you, it considers you a part of its “family” so to speak. Likewise a snake that you carry around the house and feed and give water to and help shed its skin when it gets stuck (which can happen) wouldn’t attack you because you’re a beneficial part of its society and environment.

You don’t have to like snakes, you don’t have to keep one as a pet, and frankly I couldn’t care less if you ever change your opinion on them, but don’t spread misinformation as though it is a fact. A snake is not going to murder you because it’s just an evil animal. It’s a snake. It’s no more or less malignant than a crow as long as you aren’t making it feel threatened.


I used to hear alot of accounts from people that were regularly summoning demons and the like…this was over 20 yrs ago tho, they said demons, depending on what rank they were, were almost always appear as a kind of winged reptilian looking thing, wings were usually leathery like bat wings at first, but within seconds of them seeing them, their wings would turn into raven like solid black wings (feathers).

I have heard of 2 people that claimed to have summoned satan, one said he appeared as a curly haired blond guy with a white robe on, the other said he appeared as a very tall, dinosaur looking thing with bat like wings…??


While I’m not going to try to dictate what animals people can and can not keep as pets, I don’t think it’s wise to keep a venomous reptile in your house, regardless how cool or edgy it may be to some people. Not saying you would, just in general people probably shouldn’t do that. Particularly when there are other species that aren’t inherently deadly. Most people would keep a husky as a pet because they’re intelligent and capable of being trained to do many things. A wolf by comparison is also intelligent, but also more predatory and less responsive to behavioral training, not to mention a wild animal. It would be illogical to decide to keep a wolf as a pet over a husky (or any breed of dog) because dogs as a species are inherently more suitable for living with humans versus a wolf.

Likewise, if you can keep a ball python as a pet, which is relatively docile, rather small, and nonvenomous, why one would choose to keep a cobra, which is territorial, poisonous, and difficult to handle is beyond me. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to keep those as pets in the US anyway. As far as defanging a snake and removing it’s venom glands, I would go so far as to say that such action is unethical, considering the consequences to the snake for your own convenience and safety, especially when other species make better pets without needing painful surgical procedures to be safe. It would be like removing a wolf’s teeth and claws so that you could keep it as an indoor pet. Yes, you get to have a wolf living in your house, but it can’t chew it’s own food and it can’t defend itself effectively if attacked. You could more easily get a golden retriever, which is highly unlikely to bite or scratch you, plus it enjoys cuddling and will sit down when you tell it to.


As a spiritual being, I’m not sure Satan, or any angel or demon for that matter, has a definitive physical form, at least that we would be able to perceive while we’re alive. I’m not sure I would really take the word of someone professing to summon demons though, for what it’s worth. A demon would likely appear as whatever it thought would be the most effective form to manipulate the human trying to summon them. The only person who can command demons is Jesus, and if they are cast out by humans, it’s only in His name and through His power.

While I doubt the people you mentioned summoned Satan, the fact that they both have different descriptions of him should tell you that his form isn’t necessarily definite, since it isn’t necessarily physical. A dragon is generally terrifying to a human. Being able to cause something fear is being able to have power over that thing. If a demon can appear as something that scares you, it will have power over you. And if it can gain power over you, it will try to do so, since it wants to separate you from God. An angel, by comparison, would want you to feel peace and security, and even joy, and as a result would appear as something pleasant and gentle, as God is Love, and the angel wants you to understand that.

Hence why the first thing angels often tell people in the Bible is “do not be afraid,” as did Jesus when He appeared after the Resurrection. They understand that, in this world, people and creatures don’t just appear out of thin air and start talking to us, they have a definite place in space and have to approach you in some way. So if they appear to us out of nowhere, our first reaction is surprise, shock, disbelief, and even fear because such a thing is impossible for us. We freak out when someone walks around a corner unexpectedly, obviously we’ll freak out if someone just pops into existence in front of us.

A demon, however, wants us to despair and feel unease. A human who is afraid often has compromised decision making. If you’re in panic mode, you’re more open to suggestion for one. So seeing a winged monster would naturally put you off-guard, compromise your ability to think straight and reason, and ultimately make you far easier to manipulate and drive to sin. An angel would want you to be calm, collected, and able to rationalize actions. A demon would want you to be flustered, confused, and unsure of what to do.


Dragon means serpent and can mean monster too.

The literal meaning of dragon is the one with the deadly glance.

Satan looked like an angel and now a dragon because he doesn’t have God shining on him. Think of a lovely plant that no longer has the sun on it, it quickly looks like a pile of rubbish and no longer beautiful.

Remember that we see dragons as something that breathes fire, Satan is the dragon, the fire that he breathes is sin and it consumes souls.

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