Why is Satan the Prince of the World


Such titled not only by secular publications and speeches, but we also know this word from the Bible, for instance in
John 12,31 “the ruler of the world”, alike in John 14,30 + 16,11.
Jesus though said in these verses, that He has overcome the ruler of the world. Yes, Christ did overcome Satan. That’s is of course true as all we learn in the Bible.
But now it’s us who is responsible. It’s we who got the authority, power or simply free will, to reopen all gates for the Prince of the World; which many do just as the Trojans opened the gates for the Trojan Horse.

Such the evil of the world exists as independently without any other cause like bad unpraising of persons, post traumatic psychosis etc. Evil does and will exist, until Christ comes again to finally establish His Realm. It exists „independent“, as it’s not at all dependent to peoples history, but as an independent, autonomous force because we let it happen. As long as stupidity and ignorance denies Satan’s existence, evil will be a very substantial perdition and substantiality in our world even as a ruler. The world in reality belongs to God, but is given to our disposition - our decision to either side; good or bad.
As long as Satan makes people laugh about his reality and deny it, evil will prolong and overshadow all - and finally rule the world and prolong Satan being Prince of the World under human admission. It’s our God-given free will which gives us the authority to make Satan our ruler and even teacher of wrong doctrines such as life altogether and human life being an accident as scientific consensus, which in our time is the only doctrine about life’s origine in schools. Satan remains Prince of the World, because the world misuses our authorization to do as we please.

Of course when Satan is denied as inexistent, then this is a fest for hell, as any enemy’s victory is certain, when he is deemed as a mere invented rumor.



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