Why is "scandal" a sin

why would i sinning for what other people think? If i give a depressed friend a hug to cheer them up its not my fault that people think we are dating so why would i be the sinner?

The hug you describe is not scandal. It is a hug.

Here is the CCC on scandal

Definitions are nice

Any action or its omission, not necessarily sinful in itself, that is likely to induce another to do something morally wrong. Direct scandal, also called diabolical, has the deliberate intention to induce another to sin. In indirect scandal a person does something that he or she forsees will at least likely lead another to commit sin, but this is rather tolerated than positively desired. (Etym. Latin scandalum, stumbling block.)

Note that It says for sees that is it is likely that an action might lead another into sin. It is unlikely that a hug to another person would do so but it would depend on how the hug was given.

Why would you think that is a sin?

Mostly I read that if people think “something is going on” its considered scandal,

It is not a sin to hug someone you date neither.

Scandal is not determined solely by what people think.
The element which the CCC talks about that you may be missing is that of “leading”. If I lead someone to this or that, I am causing scandal. I think “leading” implies an active intent on your part.
The passage from the CCC uses these action verbs in regard to scandal:
lead, give, damage, draw, cause, provoke, establish

The suspicious or perverse heart of another person does not define scandal. If that were the case any good looking woman could be said to cause scandal simply by walking down the street in business clothes,

Actually, according to many posts here on this forum in the past few years, some people’s ideas of what is scandal is, well, scandalous. (:D)

This is one of those subjects where some people go completely overboard. I can understand why the OP would ask her question.

Thank you for asking and sharing!

I think the word “scandal” is thrown around often in regular culture so that some things people might call scandalous are not really officially scandalous as far as the Catholic church teachings go.

Scandal is something I would do that might lead another person to sin. If I am a Sunday school teacher (a position of authority and respect) and I regularly use the name of the Lord in vain in front of my young students…not only am I committing a sin breaking the commandment but I am committing the sin of scandal. I am quite possibly influencing the young children to believe that using the Lord’s name in vain is not a big deal, and possibly lead them to commit the same sin.

If you hug your friend, it would really not be a scandal that I know of unless there is more to the story? Hope this helps, God bless.

scandal is a sin because of the harm done to other persons, especially to their souls and their path of salvation.

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