Why is scattering ashes not allowed?

Recently I read an article that confirmed our church’s teaching about cremation is acceptable for burial. I wonder if you could help me explain why scattering of ashes is not ok. I have had this conversation with friends both Catholic and Protestant and I would like to know the biblical reasons for not scattering. People say God can do anything so he can put ashes together from anywhere.
Blessings, Patti

It is not a question of God’s ability to resurrected scattered ashes. Surely that is within God’s power. The issue/problem is that the scattering of ashes is often tied into a theology/philosophy that is not in harmony with Christianity.

For starters, the Church teaches that it is the natural state of humanity to be a union of body and soul. We are not simply some spirit imprisoned in a body. The fact that the soul separates from the body at death is the result of original sin, such separation is not the true intention of creation.

The human body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, it is not a discardable container of the soul. It was the human body that was anointed at baptism, received the Blessed Sacrament in communion, was anointed with the Holy Spirit at confirmation, was the means of the expression of marital love, etc. The human body is so essential to who we are as human persons that we do not remain as souls in heaven forever, there is a resurrection of our bodies for the Kingdom of God.

Often times the scattering of ashes is tied to notions of dualism, pantheism, naturalism or nihilism. The Church is simply ensuring the ancient truism lex orandi, lex credendi (how we pray is how we believe). As Catholics we are people of mystery and symbols. Symbols often speak more loudly than words. The Church simply wishes to ensure that all the symbolic rites of Christian burial are indeed Christian.

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