Why is society and instagram so tolerant of what is arguably child pornography?

Many young girls (under 18), have instagram accounts in which they’re posting very revealing pictures of themselves, whether it be booty shorts, underwear, thong bikinis, see through bras, etc.

Why is society tolerant of this content on what is arguably the most mainstream social media platform?

We no longer have a Christian society… May God have mercy on us.


Man, I don’t know but Instagram is sketchy. I keep writing there needs to be regulation. Put all porn behind a paywall so kids don’t get it. I gave up porn at twenty seven having been exposed to it online at seventeen.

But again someone will reply about first amendment issues. Bull S, I went to law school took a con law class, these are just legal arguments. Where there is no political will or leadership, you get loopholes to basic human decency. So, no you are not being unpatriotic if you expect more from the internet in terms of regulation of bad content and even privacy.


I think that most parents are not aware of what’s happening on these sites.

And sadly, I think that many parents have absolutely no influence in their children’s lives, or even believe that they have no right to interfere with their children’s choices, especially when that child is a pre-teen or teen. They are afraid that their children won’t love them anymore if they exercise parental authority, and they have no ideas or plans or practical methods to bring up their children to be productive, pleasant, faith-filled people. They just kind of drift through parenting letting everything roll along and one day, their kids are grown ups.

And of course, many parents DO know how to impose discipline and raise their children well, but the society in which we live is too alluring for the child/teen to resist, and the parents lose the battle. It was different back when EVERY parent was on the same page, but nowadays, a parent who tries to be “strict” is often condemned by other parents as well as by their own children, and sometimes, the law goes against parents who attempt to discipline their children by taking away privileges or moving them to a different school or social organization.

I think there are a lot of homes where the parents and children are living in totally separate spheres and don’t know or understand each other at all. Some of this is because both parents work and are so exhausted that they literally come home, order in a dinner, devour it in separate rooms so that each family member can pursue the recreation of their choice (social media, phone apps, television, reading, sitting outside on the patio, going out with friends, etc.).

One of my co-workers gets up at 4 A.M. so she has time for a cup of coffee in the morning. Then she gets her toddlers up, feeds them, gets them dressed, and drops them off at “school” while she works from 6:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. She runs some errands after work or does an exercise class, then picks them up at 5:30 p.m. (when the “school” closes), drives them home (a half hour), makes dinner while they play, feeds them, and puts them to bed by around 8 p.m.

Her husband has pretty much the same schedule, but he sleeps later in the morning and works later in the evening, so he isn’t around much, either.

She is actually WITH her toddlers, interacting with them, for about 2 hours out of the 24.

I find that sad. Hopefully the children will grow up well and be a joy and comfort to their parents. But it strikes me that this is no way to “raise” children. No wonder parents have no idea what’s going on in their child’s world, especially online.


Kids should not have cellphones, social media, or anything else like that. It is all poor parenting. Technology is poison. It is parent’s fault 100%. Yes, it is hard to be a parent today to protect our children from the secular culture, but it is absolutely necessary.


I don’t know if I think it actually is tolerant of minors posting stuff that you described. I think the minors accept it.

The real question for me is why they think this is a good thing to do. Were they not taught what is proper and what is not acceptable at home, or were they taught, but do they not care because society is so sexualized?


Any attempt at telling young women to be modest is usually met accusations of misogyny


Because usually it is


Why do you say such a thing? How do you know what is in the hearts of most who cry out for the virtue of modesty?
I would think an actual misogynist would be promoting immodesty - pornography - immorality, so as to “use” females to his own self-centered desires.


Children won’t and can’t be expected to be better than the people who raise them. Excepting those who God has given graces to in order to avoid the sins of the world, this is how it will be. Also many people don’t feel that those things are particularly immodest.

The world is sinful, separate, fast and pray.

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Ah, but this is the perversion introduced by modern feminism. Any comment about a female by any male is called mysogeny. This is how society gets divided into hostile, warring camps.

. . . .

There was a discussion in school about delegalizing pornography: a girl of about 15 insisted that pornography should not be outlawed, since it empowers young women. This actually took place in school in my presence. Where young teenagers get these ideas is beyond me.


It’s not so much that society is tolerant, rather that if the minor is posting his or her own pictures and is over age 13 then unless the picture violates the general community standard for all users (e.g. really explicit or nude) then Instagram is loathe to be the content police.

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A lot of these pictures are sexualized, but doesn’t rise to the level of pornography.


The source is beyond us, in the pit of darkness where satan abides. We must pray for this lost world, offering reparation as we can. So many are so lost, it seems. Yet on the one hand, the Lord said He would spare the city for the sake of 10 righteous in it, but on the other, He asked, “Nevertheless, when the Son of man comes, will he find faith on earth?” Can the Lord find souls among us who will seek to offer reparation for the lost?

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I agree with almost all of your post–except for the cell phones, which I believe are a boon to parents and kids when it comes to safety and keeping track of each other. It was awful when I was a kid and got stranded somewhere and had no money to get hold of my dad on a pay phone (or couldn’t find a pay phone even if I had the change!), and I had to walk several miles through the city to get home. I didn’t mind the walk, but it must have scared my mom and dad to death when I wasn’t home on time. Several times, I remember my dad driving out in search and picking me up.

Anyway, Jean M. Twenge, Ph.D, the author of iGen–Why Today’s Super-Connected Kids Are Growing Up Less Rebellious, More Tolerant, Less Happy–and Completely Unprepared for Adulthood and What That Means for the Rest of Us recommends that parents purchase a FLIP PHONE for their children until their older teen years. This enables the child/young teen to be able to call parents or another relative or trusted adult if they need some help, and to TEXT their friends…very slowly!

She also recommends not enabling the email that some flip phones have, but even if the email feature is enabled, it’s not very powerful–I know because I use a flip phone and love channelllng my inner Star Trek!

It’s a great book, and I recommend it to anyone who has children or who works with children. It’s not a “Christian” book, but I found nothing objectionable, and many facts and recommendations that made sense to me. I would definitely pay to hear Dr. Twenge speak if she’s ever near my city!


Yes, I think getting your kid an iPhone when they are a minor is ridiculous. A cheap phone with a full keyboard that takes lousy pics are all they need! :wink: They do not need internet access from their phone either.


I’m full grown and got myself a flippbone. Keeps life simple and easy.

I hear you. The phone can be setup to only make calls to certain numbers, etc. The fix to all these problems is about as obvious as it can be but people are lazy and complacent. Every evil that prevails on our young people is of zero shock, because these safety measures that are not being taken are common sense. You cannot fix stupid.

Couldn’t agree more.

It is all part of a long & sustained attack on femininity and the family unit. It was foretold in the Fatima prophecies.


Because as far as they’re concerned, it’s just a bunch of teens posting their own pictures, in their own clothes. If they were to start selling their pictures, Instagram would probably interfere. Or if adults were to comment inappropriately. Instagram doesn’t have ‘modesty’ guidelines but they would take down nude/topless pictures if you report them.

As for ‘why’ teen girls do this, there’s a conflation between being sexy and beautiful today. It’s ‘rewarding’ to post something and get a ton of likes and attention. I don’t think it’s a lack of discipline at all, but rather girls having insecurities and a need for attention.

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