Why is Song of Songs canon?


It’s a nice little love story but I don’t understand what it really has to do with God? I feel like there’s deuterocanonical books that are much more worthy to be scripture such as Tobit and Judith…


Tobit and Judith are part of the Canon.

The Song of Songs is way more than just a love story.




Thanks for that link. Beautiful. Indeed, it has everything to do with God. :slight_smile:


If you have a chance, read Kreeft’s Three Philosophies of Life. You might walk away with a new appreciation for the Song of Songs… :wink:


The canon of Scripture was determined by those who were successors to the apostles, that is to say the college of bishops. They did this in their role as guardians of the deposit of the faith. I am not sure of the criteria you are using to try to assess what writings are more or less worthy – but ultimately what was included were all the writings discerned to be inspired by the Holy Spirit. Writings, even of great esteem and reverence, that were discerned to be of only human authorship were excluded from the canon. The bishops themselves were infallibly guided by the Holy Spirit as they made their definitive determination.

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