Why is St. Peter the prince of the apostles?

Christians have a lot of respect and reverence for St.Peter. I’m curious, why was he called the prince of the apostles and how does he compare to Paul.

Christ appointed Peter as the head of the Church on Earth.
This made him first among the Apostles.

Thanks reepicheep, what was the nature of the relationship between Paul and Peter?

Both were Apostles, but Paul was chosen as an Apostle a considerable time after the Resurrection.

Acts of the Apostles, chapter 9, will tell you more about Paul.

St. Peter was the ideal leader for Christ’s Church - a rock of a man, with faith to match. St. Paul was the brilliant theologian needed to explain God’s plan. They were the brawn and brains, respectively. :smiley: And they are called the “twin pillars” of the Church, both having been called by God to witness to the Truth in the belly of the beast - Rome, and die glorious martyr’s deaths there.

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