Why is statutory rape treated differently than trying children as adults?

IN all that you have described I did not see evangelization. About how Jesus is the savior and that sin must be repented for. Confession my dear, is the only way to cleanse the sins. Through the Church. You are focused too much on deeds and not enough on faith.

“I fed four gangsters” Is a foolish sentence if it is not followed by, and showed them “the way the Truth and the Life” Turn and repent!

Yes, there is a horrible injustice with the youth in many places today. Yes, this is a big problem that needs people as yourself to help fix. No, it is not as easy as taking away a form of justice for victims of heinous, evil and sickening crimes.

These stats are old I know but,

In 1996, juvenile courts waived jurisdiction over 1% of all formally processed delinquency cases, sending the juvenile offenders involved to adult criminal court.[14]


It is not as if the people just throw little johnny in with big ole bubba. These offenders are the worst of the worst. And the most dangerous on the streets.

Oh, please. I tell them the right way to go all the time and speak to them about Jesus. I simply did not have time to post the conversations I have with them. I even invite them to join me at Mass. And that is not what my post was about. Have a good day!

I am glad you do that. It is interesting that when you described what you did for them it was about physical material things, not spiritual. Getting them to repent is infinitely more important than offering them a snickers in jail.:shrug: But I am glad you teach them about Jesus. Though, I am still curious as to the part in the Bible where God excuses stealing for hunger. As an apologist and witness to the most violent as you claim to be, you should have the knowledge to provide that quote to me.

But what about the rapists who themselves were victims of abuse as children? They have a predisposition to it, but clearly being assaulted when they were children permanently hindered their abilities.

The victims could give a rats behind about that! I don’t understand your point. What are you saying here. That if one is abused in childhood then they can rape with less or even no consequences?

And you say “kill”, but I presume you would mean “murder”, as their are just killings (self defense, war, etc). But even then, I think you could see how someone could slip into that world (even if you never would). Now, this is entirely different from serial killers or people who kill in cold blood, but now we are at a point where some killers (and possibly some rapists) are not ‘others’

Of course I mean murder. I said murderers. WE ARE TAKING ABOUT CONVICTIONS ON CRIMES HERE!

Convicted murderers are “others” unless you think me a murderer? then, yes, They would not be others, if I too murdered. :rolleyes:

Where is the justice to the victims in all this whining about the offenders.:shrug:

I did not say that it is ok to steal, I said the bible says a hungry man will steal. Proverbs, 6:30
He should go to juvenile until he is 21, and put on a strict probation for a long time. If he repeats the act then he is a grown man and should serve a life sentence. You ask, that’s what I think.
Let’s end this. If you can’t understand that children are not capable of thinking and reasoning as adults then we need to let it go.

We all know kids don’t think like adults, but we still need protection from criminals, whether they are young or adult. We have to protect ourselves somehow. We can’t ignore criminal acts just because the offender is a teenager. A child with a gun can kill you just as dead as an adult can. And remember, the victim of statutory rape is a victim, not the perpetrator. If you got beaten and robbed by a 13 year old, do you think you should go to jail, or the mugger?

Context context context.

26 for a prostitute’s fee is only a loaf of bread,*
but the wife of another stalks a man’s very life.
27 Can fire be carried in the bosom
without burning one’s clothes?
28 Or can one walk on hot coals
without scorching the feet?
29 So is he who sleeps with his neighbor’s wife;
no one who touches her will go unpunished.
30 Thieves are not despised who steal only
to satisfy their appetite when they are hungry.
31 Yet if they are caught, they will pay sevenfold;
they will forfeit all the goods of their house.
32 But he who commits adultery has no sense;
he who does it destroys himself.
33 He will get wounds and dishonor,
and his disgrace will not be wiped away.

The quote actually goes against your very point. That the punishment be harsh even though the crime was out of hunger.

My you are a stubborn one aren’t you. :wink:

Perhaps brushing up on some biblical theology would be a good idea. And some legal principles as well. I just hope you have as much compassion for the victims and families of those hurt in crimes that “minors” commit. But somehow I don’t see you fighting for victims rights…

Sometimes children should be treated as children. A VAST majority of the time they are, but sometimes the “child” is so bad, or has done something so contrary to the natural law that God has written on hearts that the blood in the ground cries out for justice. And in those very rare cases, the “child” is treated like the mature criminal they are.

We are talking about 1 percent of cases here. Sometimes, justice is not served by cable TV until 21 and then some sort of monitoring. :rolleyes: As someone who purports to work closely with the criminal justice system, you do not seem to grasp the concepts of justice, responsibility and restitution.

As for children not thinking like adults. That is true, and in fact that should have a HOLY outcome not a murderous one. Your Lord of the Flies view of kids in society belies God’s children, some very young, including a teen, Mary who changed the course of history for good, despite less than desirable circumstances.

Have you heard of St John Bosco?


If you can feed some gang members then why not “FEED” them. Take them to Mass.:wink:

And Bosco’s pal, the Patron St of Delinquent minors.
St. Dominic Savio Who was only 15. But perhaps he too was incapable of “adult thought”


Or the patroness of victims of rape. and also a child, Maria Goretti. Her rapist? a teen. Albiet the magical “18” of apparent maturity. Who served a 30 year sentence and was unrepentant for most of it. In 1950, he was in attendance at her cannonization.

Two teens, two incredibly adult situations. And a perfect example of justice (30 years) repentance, and forgiveness.

May they pray for all the troubled youth in and outside of our prisons.

I even invite them to join me at Mass. Are you reading what I am saying? Look at the above post. I do. Well, as I said before, this is getting stale. You believe it’s right to try children as adults and I don’t. You will find many that agree with you and many who will agree with me and it’s all ok. People can and always will have different opinions. Have a good day and God bless you.

Good luck to you.

Thank you all for your opinions.

Hello FlowerLady.

I think it is possible to do more harm than good to stretch or distort the truth about consequences and crime to those youths that ask. Jesus’ message is about mercy but it requires repentance to become effective. If someone tells a young person that they don’t believe what they do is a sin, then that child is in fact only hearing an opinion and not the Truth. Worse, if they believe it isn’t a sin because someone else told them it wasn’t, they won’t ask God to forgive them for it. We aren’t the ones who determine what a sin is or isn’t. God is. His Church can help anyone who is interested in learning the reality of sin and its eternal consequences. While I understand your concern for the children you are trying to help, it may be wiser to affiliate yourself with a Church run organization or institution that works with the types of children you seem to be wanting to help. You will then be assured that all you do will be helpful and not inadvertently hurtful.

The children deserve the Truth in it fullness, not an opinion. Be not afraid to tell them the Truth that the Church teaches. They aren’t stupid. Teens have a radar for authenticity. You may simply be getting taken advantage of which in the long run, does more harm to a vulnerable population. It is called enabling. I’m sure that isn’t what you want. If you aren’t okay with reaching out to the children through the Church’s organizations and institutions, perhaps getting involved with PAL or the local Children and Youth Chapters. There are many places that work with them and they have much knowledge and valuable experience. But they are always short handed. I’m sure they’d let you haelp and your efforts would be much more effective under the umbrella of such structures. It might work better than your current arrangement.


I agree that they should be told the truth. I do tell them the truth. I do believe there should be consequences for their actions. You people are assuming that I don’t tell children the truth or offer to take them to mass. I only said that children should not be tryed as adults, and a few of the people here seem to think that because I truly believe that, that that makes me a bit insane, when there are many people in this country who would agree with me as well as many who would not. You at least do agree that people should get envolved. I love you for that, because you would be surprised at the number of people who call themselves christians who could care less. Prayers are much needed for these lost children. Thank you for caring.

I doubt that. I have never met a Christian who couldn’t care less about troubled youth. But I think you are projecting that onto some Christians who may not share your view. It is an odd thing for you to say about a “number of people who call themselves Christians” It sounds to me (I could be wrong) that you are coming down in harsher judgement on someone who may not share your bleeding heart for the cause than you would an actual rapist. Again, in charity perhaps you could curb your contempt for those who do not see the problem the same as you do. I have never met a Christian who is as you describe a “number of them” to be. I have met Christians who do not share your view of the justice system. Good Christians.

For once I agree, that was a very unfair thing to say. I am sorry for that. I’ve got to go now but there is one more question I would like to ask you, I will be back later.

look, do you think it’s fair that a 17 year old enters a room and kills a class full of children just to be left to go when he gets to be 18 or 21? or do you think this abused children do not grow to be abused adults? many of the adults in prison had those backgrounds so why tream them diferently, or just because they got to pass the 18 they magically are able to think in a more correct way forgetting about all the traumas and stuff?

yes, they should be seek to be healed, just like many adults. but they being in prison is not something should be discarted, mabe even that punishment would turn them to God. sometimes they need a hug, sometimes they need a punishment.

It’s a double standard thing. Then let them get married, go to bars and drink, join the armed forces, drive and all the other things that adults do, other than just try them as adults in crime. When it comes to all those things they are not responsible or grown enough but they can go to juvenile as young as 10 12 and even younger, then they want to treat them as adults. It’s a bunch of foolishness if you ask me. But that’s only my opinion.

It is that way because the law cares enough about crime and about victims that it realizes that each case should be evaluated. And there are criteria to be met, the state does not just throw kids in jail because it can, it does so because the crimes require matching punishments. If a 15 year old can kill or rape like an adult, they can pay like an adult.

Foolishness is drawing an arbitrary line at 18 and allowing that to determine who is punished more. That is foolishness. That a person can be 17 and 364 days and have different treatment for a crime than one who is 18 and 0 days is foolishness. Thankfully, the law is allowed to look at more than math and properly handle the situation on a case by case basis.

You are basically saying what I said. If a 15 year old can kill or rape and be tried as an adult then let him do all of the things that adults can do other than kill or rape. Let the legal age for adulthood be 15. This is wrong to me too. You are grown enough to join armed forces fight for your country and possibly die in war but you can’t go to a casino and gamble or into a bar and have a drink. That’s some more foolishness.

You are all over the map now. I don’t think you have a good grasp of the concept.

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