Why is that some Christian denominations emphasise demonic activity more than others?

I’ve got to say that one of things that I like about being a Catholic is the lack of emphasis on demonic stuff and it’s influence in daily life.I mean I know that stuff is around and I’m very thankful for ppl like exorcists who are trained to handle such scenarios but honestly it bothers me when some ppl say stuff like bad things happened b/c demons or evil spirits did it so commonly.Does are not words you ever are to take lightly or use commonly.Also the topic of evil spirits and demons is WWAAAAYYY to morbid for me to be disturbed by if when this isn’t the mythological or fictional stuff.I mean you definitely better hope that is not the case b/c I’m sure that has got to be one of the utmost last things that were the cause and/or reason for something occurring that anyone would… “like” (strictly out of lack of better words ) to encounter.Like my grandmother for example who became a Pentecostal* a few years back.Along with bashing and blaming Catholicism it bugs me how she bashes and rants about other religions like Buddhism and Hinduism being pagan b/c of there ceremonies,art (esp.statues) and all the different gods in those religion (even though I for one know for a fact that isn’t neccesarily the case in either of those religions).She also commonly says that demons and evil spirits do stuff.To her it’s like a lived reality or something.I dont now if would be stretching it and giving it I would be giving it more credit than due if I said it’s like a borderline animism that unfortunately emphasizes an inversion to regular animism like the presence of evil spirits more than good ones or if it’s simply superstition that working as paranoia fuel and she just rolled it up into her religion.Even my Pentecostal uncle (who was one of the ppl in my family who were involved in getting my grandmother involved in Pentecostalism) told us once not watch horror movies*** b/c they have bad spirits in them.

IMO it doesn’t help the cause of fighting off evil spirits and demons.Let me explain.Here is a scenerio that I’ve been wondering about for a while**** now.Suppose there is a group of people consisting of an agnostic who’s willing to give spirituality and God a chance,a devout Hindu,a devout Jew,a devout Lutheran,a devout Muslim,a devout Buddhist,a devout follower of Native beliefs and a devout Catholic in a room together at someone’s house.Let’s say “the evil one” appears all of a sudden in a scary puff of smoke having the appearance of the Abrahamic depiction.This is marginally important.Now even if two of the ppl in that group aren’t fimiliar with that appearance of an evil spirit they will certainly feel that there is something unsettling evil about that thing.Despite the differences in the beliefs and personal thoughts that group of ppl has about what demons look like and work *can they not (?:hmmm::thumbsup:)*ward off that being if they all like pray intensely at once while not being afraid because so long as they do it with faithful and sincere conviction they can drive back that dangerous but beyond words petty and foolish thug of an entity because of the simple yet potent premise that good hurts evil?.Espeically *that *sort of evil?.

Isn’t it good that having faith like that esp.when supplemented by a tried and valid belief system can get rid of such a thing?.Aren’t those groups who discredit other belief systems only weakining themselves and putting themselves in a vulnerable position by saying that those belief systems aren’t valid and/or (worse yet) not spiritual enough to do a thing like that?.Doesn’t that only make it harder for them?.:rolleyes:And this is DEFINATELY not something you’d like to have a try time with handling.

On a slightly different note,I still wonder though are there particular reasons why demonic stuff isn’t brought up as much in Catholicism?.

*I’m sorry if I’m offending anyone who is actually Pentecostal,has any relation to Pentecostalism,similar denominations ior something to that effectI’m sure that the sort of belief expressed and practised by my grandmother is not reflective of the majority of Pentecostals or the entire nature of the Pentecostal denomination.For your information I’m actually planning on writing a posting about the Pentecostalism as practised by my grandmother sometime in the future.

**Not that I think you can say that sort of thing in any kind of Christian denomination outside of perhaps angels and maybe saints

***Personally I dont.The closest thing to horror movies that I watch are for the most part dark action oriented monster movies like Predators and maybe when I have time I’ll get to watching Cloverfield

****One of the inspirations for this question is something that I think anime buffs would bet.In Digimon Frontier/season 4 the big fight in the last few episodes is between a fallen angel like Digimon noticebly called Lucemon and Susanoomon basd on Susanoo the Shinto god of the sea and storm.Yes I know that it’s a different deal since it’s fictional but the setting there of a being based on a god from another living religion beating a being based on a demon from another living religion heavily intrigued me and made me contrue and think if something similar coud ever *be pulled off *in real life:)

I am sorry,but I think you are making a general statement about the CC and its mention of demonic possessions and teachings. I teach it at my Adult Confirmation classes and RCIA. It is real and has existed. Problem today is many adult Catholics rather not discuss it or pretend it never existed or some how the church was living a fairy tale. It is real and must never be ignored.

Case in point, do you know the least topic Catholics like to discuss and teach? Hell. Hell is a dogma revealed to us by God Himself.

I’m very sorry but what do you mean by “a general statement about the CC” :ehh::o?.I KNOW it’s real and has existed.What one of the things I’m getting at in the first paragraph is how it’s regarded differently in Catholicism and Pentecostalism.

The second and third aragraphs is just a theory I have and how when a religion like Pentecostalism bashes or discredits another doesn’t it make dealing with the evil supernatural more difficult.

I KNOW that heck is dogma revealed to us by God himself and something Catholics dont like to discuss (case in point,me using the less strong word heck).See stuff the thing with me is that talking about the nature of that afterlife (not how or why one would be there) and demonology (I know that there’s angels that have names and roles but didn’t know that apparenty demons have names and roles) is something that I’m far to scared to approach on my own.If someone like a priest who happened to be knowlegable on this stuff and how to teach told me some things about it I wouldn’t be as afraid.

What are you saying?.That I’m saying something at odds with Catholicism?.

I am sorry,but I believe I misunderstood you. I get your point now.

Wait.Same here and right back at you:D,I got your posting

I think I know what you’re saying?

The Church teaching most infallibly that the Devil, and demons do exist. Hell does exist. Demonic influence and demonic possession is REAL. We know that, I know that.

However, we are not to focus on it. Although we should be aware of how the Devil can influence us and lead us astray, we are taught to focus of God and His endless Mercy. We are to focus on the Divine Mysteries, the Blessed Virgin, the Saints and the Angels.

I was uplifted by the sermon on Sunday when he presented a list as such of spirits and what is of God in contrast. And am totally convinced he deliberately paused before the word spirits are when we are ‘down’ having had a ‘down’ type call from me in the week.

But yeh I kind of think that spirits or demons are like the biblical way of saying feelings. We understand a lot more these days than back then. Not everything but where as our health will have been given over to demons and spirits in the past, we know better. Thats how I view the evil spirits as such.

To answer the title of the thread, in my opinion some denominations, or a significant portion of laity or leaders in them, lack a strong or any belief in the supernatural. The same is true with miracles. I, and I know I’m not alone, have actually heard Christians try to give natural explanations for supernatural events recorded in Scripture. It seems some people have a problem with a God who can create the world and also have total power in that world. It seems some people believe God must be limited to the Laws of Nature. I guess these folks allow some exception for the Virgin Birth and Resurrection but I’m not sure even about that. These same people tend to not discuss angels or demons. I suspect they doubt the existence of either. One thing I appreciate about the Catholic faith is the ability to hold both reason and the miraculous both in high regard.

There is so much truth in what you all are saying. Demons and hell are real, but as Chrisitans our focus should not be on them but Christ. When I get paranoid about how I’m going to be rejected by Christ for being a lousy Christian, I am more likely to do bad things. I will get stressed out and be more agressive. I feel depressed and guilty all the time, which is not how it should be.
We need to know that there is stuff out there that is evil and dangerous, but God has more power than all of that put together.

I agree our focus sould be Jesus,however,it is good to know and understand the dogma of Hell and its consequences.

Yes, we should believe and be aware of evil but not to the point that we become curious. I find curiousity about those things can lead to experimentation, which can lead to people becoming deceived. To deny the existance of evil is not smart, because you could easily be deceived and not know any better. The person who bel;ieves in these things needs to be aware but stay distant. They cannot let the things they hear cause them to struggle in their faith. So it’s tough.
But to be aware and not deny their existance is a good thing.

From the time I can remember, having been a young child in the 1950’s, our church ended the mass and then prayed to St. Michael, Archangel… A line from that prayer “…by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and ALL evil spirits who roam the world seeking the ruin of souls.” I don’t know about anyone else, but I took the fact that evil spirits roamed the world quite literally!
We were also taught, and still are, to “bind” evil spirits to the cross of Jesus. These evil ones come to us as spirits of confusion, jealousy, hate, lust, etc., etc. I didn’t read all of the postings on this topic before deciding to post; so hope I’m not being repetitious here.:gopray2:

Not to hijack this thread, but I’ve often wondered how comes that everyone knew that the devil tempted Jesus. Remember, first they (Jesus and the devil) were out in the desert, then they were around the Temple and then they went out of town again and on a mountain. It’s just that to me Jesus doesn’t seem to be that type of person who comes back to town telling everyone about it. It’s often quite the contary, he often told people not to talk about this and that. He must have told someone about it, but who?

After the Resurrection Jesus taught the Apostles many things… perhaps this was one of them.

If anybody has Jesus’ teachings during the 40 days following the resurrection I would really like to get them on my mp3 player. :smiley:

There are Pentecostals who are over-preoccupied with demonology and the demonic; however, that is actually more characteristic of Christians in the charismatic streams than classical Pentecostals. Pentecostals have historically emphasized the victorious or overcoming or triumphant life in Christ, which overcomes all the powers of the enemy. While Satan and demons are real, the believer can rebuke the enemy in the name of Jesus and plead the blood of Christ over his home and family.

If you think that your grandmother is too preoccupied with demons, then you should pray for her. Perhaps talk to her about it if you can.

Hmm . . . I watch horror movies. :eek:

But on a serious note, I would not express it in the exact way that your uncle did, but I would say that certain things (such as horror movies featuring the demonic) have the potential to “open doorways” into our lives and thought processes through which the enemy might work. If a Christian allows such pathways to be opened for the enemy to exercise influence in his/her life, that believer may become oppressed by demonic forces. However, Pentecostals do not believe that Christians can be demon possessed as it is impossible for both the Holy Spirit and demonic spirits to possess the same body.

There are different kinds of Pentecostals. Unless you qualify nearly every single statement you make about Pentecostals, you will no doubt offend some of us.

It’s because the Catholic church has been dealing with it for 2,000 years. It’s an old shoe for the church.
I mean think about it, if there’s a case of demonic possession, who do you run to? The Protestant Parson down the street? No. You seek out a catholic priest. There’s a reason demons hate sacramentals (such as holy water), and there’s only one store you can buy that in.
Even in Hollywood, if you make a movie about demonic possession, who is the good guy? A priest.

Protestants who try fooling around with exorcism are treading dangerous waters.

Coming from a Pentecostal background AOG, I agree with the previous posters about various flavors of the movement. The focus should be on your walk with the Lord and how best to please Him. You shouldn’t be concern about the activities of other people to the extent that they are ‘bugging’ you. Pray for them as other posters stated on here.

Because of your fear, it something you don’t want to experiment or play around with. Demons are not benign. Paul teaches us that our weapons are not carnal but mighty through God to pulling down strongholds and that our battle is not against flesh and blood and to put on the full armor of God. You don’t need to go looking for demons or be constantly in ‘attack’ mode but you need to be prepared to resist temptation which can so subtle and can come in many ways and forms.

So, the best thing is not to analyze with conjecture about these these issues but to use the full gifts offered by the Church for holiness and spiritual growth and if a time God calls you into something more substantial, then he will give you the insight and gift for that. But study the word to show yourself approved by God and to be transformed through the renewing of your mind.

In early church fathers writings, it is mention quite a bit. The writings of Justin Martyr a.d. 110–165 one of the first Christian apologist is a good example and can be found here: His defense of Christians in his letter to Emperor Hadrian and other apologies.

I don’t know what age you but an excellent book is Ralph Martin’s 'The Fulfillment of All Desire. We are to renounce the devil, the flesh and the world so that we can be light to a dying generation. Living in such a secularized society as we are, temptations abound everywhere. Not only is narrow but the path is narrow as well and few you able to walk it. Meditate and feed constantly on the word of God. Pray for those who ‘bug’ you as it often the case of the Lord wanting us to show humility and graciousness in a tough situation.:thumbsup:

Stand fast and seek the high calling of God.
Blessings to all,

I don’t watch horror movies, but it’s because gory movies freak me out. I’m easily made nauseous. Some of them might not be a good idea to watch because they do emphasize Satanic beliefs. You just need to be careful which ones you watch.
I misunderstood the difference between the Pentecostal church and Charasmatic churches. What is the main difference?

Pentecostal sects are completely focused on the Spiritual Gifts that were opened at Pentecost.

Charismatic sects generally are oriented around their denominational lines, but accept that the gifts of Pentecost are alive and well today.

Catholic Charismatics are Catholics who engage in spiritual practices that reflect the gifts of Pentecost.

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