Why is the apologetics topic empty?

Is there no longer any interest in this forum or was it too contentious?
It was one of my favorite destinations. Where has it gone?

Michael Hager
The Bible Catholic

You have to select “none” rather than “all in Apologetics” to see the topics there. Seems the general categories that have sub-catrgories under them are less active as a result of that though.


It’s not empty, it is just that the default setting when you go to that category doesn’t show the posts.

If you click on the drop down menu that says “all in Apologetics” and counter-intuitively select “none”, then all the Apologetics threads will appear. The same applies for #catholic-living.

This change happened a few months ago. My hunch is that it was an attempt to resolve the issue with the #in-the-news category. At the old CAF, that was never a separate place to post threads but only the umbrella for Catholic News and World News. After the transition, it was temporarily open for people to create threads in directly. They restricted the ability to create topics there, but every time you would go there, you would only see a bunch of closed threads from September 2017.

Now, if you go to #in-the-news, you no longer see those threads right away, so you know to click on the sub-categories instead. But that doesn’t work out well for #apologetics and #catholic-living, because those are their own categories where people can post new topics.

I see people ask about this all the time. It is confusing. I hope they find another resolution.


Whatever it is, it NEEDS FIXING. This really shouldn’t be happening, and I’m worried that many great discussions and answers are being missed out on because people come here and think it got shut down.


It is a very basic subforum format.

In fairness, I just learned it wasn’t actually gone today. (Read the selecting none thread in site feedback.)

We finally won, man.

Yes this needs to be fixed. I thought it was no longer there. I accidentally found it.

I don’t even know what the word means :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, thank you for this explanation! You cleared up a mystery for me. I occasionally see a topic on the home page that looks interesting, and when I click on it to read or post, I see that it is in the “Catholic Living” category. Not Catholic Living > Family Life, or Catholic Living > Vocations, or an other subcategory, but just Catholic Living. But then later when I navigate to Catholic Living, I don’t see any topics, just the subcategories. So then I have trouble finding that topic that I had read or posted on before. I have to find some notification about it in my profile, or look up my post history, or find it on the home page. I began to think that maybe you need special permission to access the Catholic Living main category, and that that permission hadn’t been granted to my account. I never would have found the “none” option to make these topics display if you hadn’t pointed it out.

(In fact, when I click on the Catholic Living tab, there is bold text right there on the page saying “There are no more Catholic Living topics.” That’s why I had thought I needed special permission to access topics in this category, which I didn’t have.)


So, here’s my question: what does “all in Apologetics” mean, anyway, such that it’s always empty? I might have thought that, like the home page (which displays threads from all sorts of sub-fora), “all in Apologetics” should show me the most recent threads in all the sub-fora (Scripture, Philosophy, etc).

But… it doesn’t. And that’s where the confusion lies for me. What does “all” mean, if it means “empty”, and what does “none” mean, if it means “all uncategorized”?!? :thinking:


Right. Hence the confusion. I’m also curious as to the explanation of the choice of terminology. I’d venture to guess there is some reason behind it and that the reason would make a certain amount of sense once you hear it. I cannot for the life of me figure out what that reason is, though.

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