Why is the assumption of Mary said not to be biblical?

My friends from other church denominations contend that Mary’s,the mother of Jesus,
Assumption is not found in the bible. Thus, they said that Catholics always add something new to the bible. According to them Mary is not supposed to be worshipped as she is a mere human like us all. Hope u could help me out. Thanks!

The Assumption of Mary is not found in Scripture, its based on Sacred Tradition. It is something that has essentially always and everywhere been believed by Catholics. The early Christians revered those they considered to be saints. Tombs were places of pilgrimage and many churches were built with relics. Yet no church or tomb ever claimed to be the current resting place of the body of Mary the mother of Jesus.

Catholics believe with Protestants that Mary was a human being. Catholics do not worship Mary (in the common understanding of the word worship). Catholics honor Mary and the saints and we believe that they can hear of our prayers and pray for us but that is a far cry from worshiping them as we worship God. If I complimented someone and then asked them to pray for me, am I worshiping them? Hardly.

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