Why is the Beatification of JP2 being questioned?

Why is the Beatification of JP2 being questioned?

Why shouldn’t it be?

I don’t think it is being questioned by anyone worth listening to.

Probably because of the speed. Pius IX (who Pope John want to beatify) had to wait a long time.

The sex abuse scandal doesn’t help him. I can see why anyone will question it.

probably standard protocol:cool:

Only a minuscule but laud group the so called traditionalist question it. Catholics accept the decision of the Magisterium.

I don’t know that it is. Why don’t you ask the people who have published the challenges to which you refer?

Only by those, who are so bold, as to question the Holy Spirit.
He has spoken!

I agree with the commenter who said it could be about the sex abuse scandals.

I think he is in Heaven—

Seriously–I have asked his intercession in finding things (apologies to St Anthony! lol) and they have been found in a short amount of time.

I loved the man; one could see the holiness in his face.

The only group I can find who is really opposed is the dissident group, “We are Church.” The sex abuse is part of the outcry, but then this group is heavily into Liberation Theology and they opposed JP’s actions during the Latin American political upheaval.


They have also made this statement on their web page:

A new approach to the use of condoms is only a first step and should be followed by a fundamental revision of the Church’s sexual teaching.


It’s discussed in this thread as well. I don’t know that there are too many “questioning” anything other than the speed. Some people do not believe the normal 5-year waiting period should have been waived before opening the cause for his beatification. That is a concern regarding the process. And that’s different from doubting he is in heaven. The waiting period is there for a reason, to let time bring about anything unforeseen or simply to allow for due prudence. I think JP2 has with him a certain celebrity status that may well have warranted a lengthy waiting period.

We attended his Mass for World Youth Day when he was in Colorado many years ago. What was it about the man that made people cry? After the Mass when he was circling the crowd in his helicopter, there were tears streaming from the faces of those who were waving their white handkerchiefs above their heads. And the shouts of "“Santo Subito” after his death did not go unnoticed. At one time, I was prudently questioning this, but no longer.

Sadly in the Catholic faith individual opinions and impressions count for nothing. The fashions and fads of one generation of cardinals and bishops are given as writ. Nothing can be done about it.

Seriously–I have asked his intercession in finding things (apologies to St Anthony! lol) and they have been found in a short amount of time.

I loved the man; one could see the holiness in his face.

The first point is coincidental, and the evidence of circumstantial. Power comes from God! All the great saints commanded things to be done in nature “in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ”, never in the name of saints. We are the humble children - the saints too, and God is the Father. He finds all things for us, not men!

The second point is only an impression. Satan can hide behind beauty; it is the way he tempts us men, most often, actually. :mad: I’m not saying the previous Pope was Satan, but I am saying that appearances are useless. It’s action (and lack of action, for Popes) that denotes saintliness, not countenance.

This is one reason I’m a tad irritated about the thing. Our gloriously-reigning bishop of Rome declared the process open after a couple of months! It seems a sort of crude predecessor-honouring system.

The problem is not so much with JPII himself in my mind, the problem is the way it is been handled, the handling of his case is itself is undermining the whole canonization process because it is happening so fast and seemingly so easily it makes canonization itself seem less valuable and credible.

The fact that people were calling him St. John Paul the Great as soon as he died also undermines the process as it makes it look like he is been made a saint due to popular demand of the people which is not how saints are supposed to be made.

His canonization would be much more credible if it was decided upon by people whose judgment could be seen as impartial, that would require waiting a lot longer than the few years we have waited. And it would have been worth it, because what good does it do to make JPII a saint if in so doing you simply undermine some peoples confidence in the canonization process altogether. It would have done no harm to wait as those who love JPII would have continued to do so and did not need him to be canonized to pray to and honor him.

I think that may be a concern of a lot of the faithful, because of the very respect those faithful have for the wonderful and uniquely Catholic tradition of the Communion of Saints. There may be concern as to the effect on the crediibility of Sainthood.

Not a problem; that’s why they have the “Devil’s Advocate”.

Used to be you had to wait a minimum of 50 years.

But look at the beating the Church is getting over the proposed canonization of Pope Pius XII !!!

It’s all normal; goes with the territory.

How about the Liturgical scandals?

I am not aware of any liturgical scandals for which our late pope is responsible.

Catholics can’t win.

It took 500 years before St. Joan of Arc was declared a saint.

It took 5 years to declare Pope John Paul 2 ‘blessed’.

Some will say the first period was ‘too long’; others will say the second period ‘isn’t long enough.’

Luckily the Holy Spirit doesn’t have to subject Himself to human ideas of ‘how long’ is ‘just long enough to be right’.

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