Why is the canon of the Bible closed?

I was thinking the other day, and I am one who has read the entire bible including all of the apocryphal works etc., but what the Bible is, is a collection of texts that a body believes is “inspired writings”. Now these can range from the 66 books of Protestant writings, to 73 in the Catholic church, and 77-81 in the Orthodox churches.
My question does not so much refer to whether or not the Bible is correct, I believe the books in it are correct( Some of the New Testament Apocrypha is really out there and obviously pseudographia). But I often think to myself why works written by others are not considered “inspired” by God. For instance you have Justin Martyrs “First Apology” which is really a beautiful work and defends early Christianity, all the way up to writings of Francis of Assisi and Thomas Aquinas. Now maybe these writings are not meant for the Bible, but who is to say that they are not “inspired” by God or Jesus to clarify covenants in the church? I feel like there are many early writings that people are not aware of that are very essential to the foundation of the church that should be brought to light.

Because public revelation has ceased with the death of the last apostle.

Well that would be the Catholic Church that decided that. But remember the Catholic Church holds Tradition Sacred as well as Scripture. It’s not that protestantism is not aware of these writings but that the false doctrine of sola scriptura requires them to ignore them. Jesus founded the Catholic Church long before the Bible was given to us by the Catholic Church.

Other writings might be beautiful because we recognize the truth in them. :slight_smile: Not all truth is in the Bible— the Bible itself frequently refers to things that it doesn’t contain within its own pages. (The Three Thousand Proverbs and 1,005 Songs of Solomon; the Acts of Uzziah; the things Paul’s not permitted to repeat in 2 Corinthians; what the Seven Thunders said that John wasn’t permitted to record; the “there’s not enough books in the world to write down everything Jesus did” bit from John; etc).

Find your profit where you can. Congratulations on your discoveries. Share the most useful parts with others. But don’t regret that they’re not what they’re not. :slight_smile: Appreciate them for their own sake-- beautiful, brilliant pieces of writing that spark useful thoughts-- but, as always, analyze what you read with that critical part of your brain, because not all sparkly, brilliant pieces of writing are necessarily Truth, and not all Truth is necessarily pretty to look at.

^^^ this exactly is the reason.

Google is your friend, and here is a fairly decent article from Wikipedia:


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