Why is the Church always persecuted and hated more than any other religion?


In recent days I have came across alot of anti Catholic comments on social media and online in relation to the Popes upcoming visit to Ireland. I know the church in Ireland is struggling with past abuse scandals and has been for some time but some of the comments I’ve read are out of line and nothing else but blasphemy. Alot of the time I just ignore their hatred but a few days ago I had to intervene when a radio show host on Twitter (who despises the church) like all the media in Ireland do, made a comment mocking the Eucharist and then a few others joined In, it was a step to far. Today I read comments from people saying all Catholics should be removed from countries, I was upset and quite downbeat this morning, I went to Latin Mass earlier for the feast of the Assumption and it helped me so much and made me realise, no matter what happens Jesus is always present in his church, His teachings will always remain the same and focus on Him alone. Some of the members of His church have done terrible things and failed Him, we have to stay focused on Christ alone.
Sorry for rambling on abit, how does everyone else handle Catholic hatred?


“If the world hates you, remember that it hated Me first. No servant is greater than his Master.”


Why? Because She is True, and the Devil hates the Truth. That’s all there is to it.

Satan and his minions will always attack the Church because it is the Church that saves people and tears them from his grasp.


While certainly the Church has in some places and times has been persecuted, I don’t know if it’s fair to try and get into a persecution competition saying it’s been the “most” persecuted and hated.


This. Avoid being a Special Snowflake. Stay out of the Oppression Olympics.


It is from my side of the world.


Because the Church is huge. It’s the biggest Christian religion, and one of the biggest religions in the world. So it’s a big target, and it attracts a lot of people wanting to shoot at it.
Also, it’s Jesus’ true Church, so Satan hates it the most.


…yeah, have you read the news lately or taken compassion on the treatment of non-Christians in your own country (assuming you are an American)?


Not American I am Irish.


That’s why I tried not to assume your nationality. :slight_smile: But the same basic statement still stands.



Here is an interesting article


You may wish to remove “always” from the title of the thread, since not only are you talking about a small sliver of time you’re only talk about one specific area of the world. Not only that, as you mentioned this is in response to multiple scandals, so it’s only natural people might be somewhat less than charitable with the Church in this time in your area.


Well what we’re seeing right now is less persecution than righteous rage at vile sins. As for why the sins of the Catholic Church are focused on, it’s huge and the mental picture many have of Christianity as a whole. And unlike evangelicals, we can’t disown those who sin gravely as not one of us.


Well, because it’s the True Church of The Savior Jesus Christ and satan despises all that is good, right, and true. Of course there are more complex reasons but this is the one that always sticks in my mind. God bless.


Because She is Truth.


:+1: got it…


Also Irish :four_leaf_clover: (well, a quarter anyways lol)! Going through similar things over the last couple of years at school (it does boil my blood sometimes), but the best thing to do is breathe in, breathe out and keep moving forward :slightly_smiling_face:

The church is the biggest form of Christianity in the world, hence more likely to be criticized. It also has very unpopular stances : gay marriage, abortions (recent for Ireland), chaste until marriage. But also remember, a lot of people you encounter directly only mouth off what they have heard about it from other people saying negatives. Be the positive. Prove them wrong <3. You God on your side! They only have the lies.

God Bless!!


In recent days I have came across alot of anti Catholic comments on social media and online in relation to the Popes upcoming visit to Ireland. I know the church in Ireland is struggling

So what caused Catholic Ireland to no longer be Catholic, and then also, anti-Catholic?


Yeah how long did it take for Ireland to be one of the most Catholic countries to being anti-catholic? A few decades? Unbelievable. My ancestors must be looking down and weeping.


What’s the Beatitude. Blessed are those persecuted in my name…

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