Why is the Eucharist not mentioned in the creed?

I’m wondering why the eucharist is not in the apostles nor the nicene creed?

Its important to remember that the Creed was formed as a reaction to controversies or heresies in the Church. The council of Nicea was called not because the bishops simply wanted to write a few things down but because of the heresy of Arianism which denied the divinity of Christ. And when another heresy denied the divinity of the Holy Spirit (Pneumatomachians) the description of the Holy Spirit was added to the Creed. There was a heresy in the early Church that taught people needed to be baptized more than once, and thus the phrase “one baptism for the forgiveness of sins” is in the text. The Creed we say at Mass was put together as a statement of orthodox teachings to combat the heresies of the time.
The Apostles’ Creed, similarly, was simply a shorthand way to summarize the faith’s essential points against common misconceptions and theological errors.

So the answer as to why the Eucharist is not mentioned in the Creed is simple: there were no theological controversies about the Eucharist in the early Church.

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