Why is the mantilla (specifically) so popular among US traditional Catholics?

Just for the sake of arguing :joy:, why is a change of clothes “out” due to public transit? I’m not talking about a long gown in a garment bag, but what about a skirt, top, and flats that could be brought in a relatively small bag? Or just clean pants, top and flats? Might be wrinkly but it’s seems like a reasonable compromise solution?

Not very. But when you see twelve deer carcasses on the side of the road during this time of year, you worry. Bad things don’t always happen, but that doesn’t mean I can ignore them.

Fair enough.

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Nowhere to keep it during your shift. You only get a very small locker - enough for your wallet and keys and not a whole lot else. There isn’t really a place to leave other stuff where it won’t disappear.


Okay - thanks for explaining that!
I totally get it that people have work schedules that don’t easily allow Mass attendance.

What bothers me is not the people who are obviously in work clothes, but the whole families who dress in their blingiest jeans. It’s like they don’t have a concept of “dress clothes” and all they know is athleisure / celeb-endorsed brands. No doubt it’s my problem. :upside_down_face:


It’s the ‘casual culture’. It’s been around for the last generation or so. “Casual Fridays’ that branched out to ‘casual everyday all the time”.

I’m noticing though that after months of Covid enforced staying at home and being ‘able’ to be as casual as one pleases, that there are now signs that people WANT to actually ‘dress’ a bit. Look at the local news; men in suits and ties, women in brightly colored dresses and suits. People’s masks are getting personalized. There will probably be a brief ‘relapse’ here in the tundra over the winter but I wonder if come spring we will start to see clothing that is more stylish and a culture that recognizes that there are actually ‘occasions’ which merit looking ‘better’. Not that ‘casual’ cannot be attractive in its way and for true casual situations, but maybe now that ‘dining out’ is NOT something that we do whenever we choose we will want to be ‘dressing up’ a bit. Etc. Time will tell.

I live in “casual country”, and I’ve been noticing that too.

Even I, who have never been the “dressy” type, now tend to dress up a bit to do my grocery shopping. (We’re back to semi-lockdown here.)

Personalized masks have been disappearing in favour of the plain medical ones, though, as the contamination rate skyrocketed and people went for homologated facemasks rather than style.

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