Why is the Pope Endorsing Same Sex Unions in Film

Why is the Holy Father endorsing same same unions? It appears to me that has been a view of his prior to becoming pope, going back to his time as a archbishop. Does he still stand for marriage between a man and woman? This is another reason, among others, that had me leave Catholicism.

If homosexuals want to be in same sex unions, great — that is their choice. I really need to understand the church’s position on marriage between a man and woman in light of Francis’ endorsing this union

Is there different issue being advanced, in light of his endorsement?


Please share a link to the source.


By the way, it looks like he may have supported them at ONE POINT, before he was THE POPE. So, no, Pope Francis is not endorsing same sex unions.Pope Francis Calls for Civil Union Law for Same-Sex Couples, in shift from Vatican stance
Even the title of this article is misleading, which is sad, for the otherwise, VERY GOOD National Catholic Register.


I just saw a Facebook friend post this…

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Everything I am finding says he BRIEFLY supported Civil Unions BEFORE he became the Pope. That’s not the same as a change in policy.


I don’t understand the logic behind this. An individual Pope making an error or a priest committing a sin doesn’t invalidate the the Apostolic Succession or disprove God.


The Forbes article says: Pope Francis called for the legalization of same-sex civil unions for the first time as pope, a shift from the Catholic Church’s longstanding doctrine on LGBTQ rights, though Francis appeared to stop short of supporting same-sex marriage outright.

Apparently it’s coming from comments he made in an Italian documentary released on Wednesday.


The Church’s position on marriage between a man and a woman hasn’t changed. The pope supports civil unions, which are not marriages, and clearly states that the purpose is to provide legal protections.


No longer a sin of scandal if the Pope himself “called for the legalization of same-sex civil unions for the first time as pope, a shift from the Catholic Church’s longstanding doctrine on LGBTQ rights…”

Please remember, the Pope has a right to his opinion. It does not become Church Policy simply because of an interview. Personally, I think as this is a Civil Matter, just have no comment, but Pope Francis must comment about everything it seems.


There goes the neighborhood… I’d like to see a lot of CAF users and Apologists explain this one away…


One can’t hold a secular view separate from a religious view that’s a contradiction of self.

This is why it’s ridiculous that a politician would claim there a faithful Catholic and then share that they’re political views that abortion is a right you either believe in Catholicism or you don’t.

The same goes with the Pope he’s either for same-sex marriage or he’s against it he either believes in the totality of Catholicism or he doesn’t.

The sad thing is how many herectical clergy that have been supporting this type of thing are going to use these types of articles and statements to deceive others.

I’m not at all surprised by the Pope statements I’ve been saying this has been a trajectory for years.


Oh boy…:popcorn:


We already have a thread on this.


No need for two threads on the exact same topic. Please continue the discussion there.


To be clear what Pope Francis has just said is . . . contradictory to the Catholic faith that he’s supposed to lead.

Why even bring up rad trads? How about your average Catholic that’s going to be disturbed by this news there’ll be a lot of very good and pious people disenhearted by what the Pope has just said.


Not really. Average Catholics are not going to be too bent out of shape by this. They are mostly at least one step ahead of the Pope on this already. Whoever is going to oppose the Pope on this opposes him already, so he’s not likely to make any new enemies.


You know you seem to be okay with all this are you saying that you think the Church should recognize same sex marriage and the whole list of other things?

Do you believe what’s popular is true?

Are we heretics because we hold the 2,000 years of scripture, history, tradition, and magisterial teaching which includes the dogmas of the Holy Catholic Church the one and only true Church?


I have no problem with it at all.


Are you Catholic?

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