Why is the Rosary so special?


Don’t get me wrong; I love the Rosary. I do my best to say a five mysteries daily. This is just an intellectual question.

Basically, I was reading the NewAdvent article on the rosary:


And it indicates that the tradition that it was given to St. Dominic is essentially historically false. History indicates, it says, that the practice of repetitive prayer using beads or knots began well before the Saint’s time and meditation on the mysteries began well after his death.

That said, I’m just curious as to why such heavy emphasis is placed on the Rosary. If it is not a direct gift from Our Lady, in the sense that it was not miraculously bestowed to a Saint, why is it considered by most ecclesiastical authorities (and the faithful like me :slight_smile: ) to be such a special prayer?


It isn’t a direct gift from Our Lady in the sense that she gave it word for word to St Dominic or any other Saint, unlike, say, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, but it certainly was endorsed by Our Lady in her numerous of her apparitions. If it’s good enough for Our Lady it’s good enough for me :smiley:


Dear Ambrose…

In my eyes the basic value of the Rosary would be the Rosary’s scriptural base, a series of meditations on the life and teaching of Jesus, with time carefully allowed for this meditation.
It would also be that two of the repeated fundamental prayers have gospel basis. The Lord’s Prayer was composed by Jesus, and part of the Hail Mary comes from Luke chapter 1 verses 42-45. The Rosary as the life of our Saviour drawn from the gospels…a wonderful prayer! We include prayers of praise to the Trinity, (“Glory be”).

God bless you, Ambrose. I hope that all is well with you!

God bless you, Trishie


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