Why Is the World Turning a Blind Eye to the 'Eradication' of Christians in the Middle East?

WASHINGTON — Christianity is being “wiped out” of its region of birth, said Cato Institute foreign policy expert Doug Bandow Tuesday during a Family Research Council discussion on the increase in Christian persecution in the Middle East and Africa, and he offered reasons why the international community has done little to save those ancient Christian communities.

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Because most of the world is populated by evil people who either don’t care or condone the murders and gutless wonders that are just happy that it was not them.

Think of the parable of the Good Samaritan. Most of the worlds people are like the first passers by.

I imagine what is gonna happen:( if war ever comes to the homes of developed countries citizens…

Why do you keep posting drivel from non-Catholic websites? And it really is nonsense.

These evangelicals couldn’t care less about Eucharistic/Apostolic Christianity but they get all bent out of shape about not supporting Christians in the middle east. They give lip service to Christianity’s “region of birth” without realizing that these “ancient Christian communities” venerate Mary and believe that the bread becomes Jesus.

The Chaldean Church is Catholic! Who do they think the Copts are?

They talk about the Iraqi and Syrian Christians as if they were generic Christians or run of the mill rock and roll Evangelicals.


A Christian dying for their faith is old news, its been happening for two thousand years. Now a celebrity lion who was shot for sport, that’s what we need to be concerned about.

I think people can care about both, and about abortion, etc. We can, and should, all care about many things. Poor Cecil does not cancel out concern for Christian martyrs in any part of the world. At least to me. I can’t speak for others, but I would certainly imagine they feel the same.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t care about things until it touches their lives at some point. For example, most of the advocates for Alzheimer’s have someone in their family who has Alzheimer’s. Most advocates for better treatment for those with autism have an autistic child in their family. No one in my family has Alzheimer’s or autism, or ever has as far as I know, so I haven’t given those afflictions the attention they deserve. I do care, but probably not at the same level as people who have Alzheimer’s patients and autistic children in their families.

I do come from a family of VERY devout Roman Catholics, so I DO give extra attention to violence perpetrated against Catholics and Orthodox.

We should ALL care about ALL injustice, though. Cecil, abortion, martyrs, the poor, etc. No doubt there.

For the same reason the world is turning a blind eye to the millions of murdered unborn babies. What America, China and Europe sanctions as perfectly legal makes ISIS look like mother Theresa in comparison. The Prince of this world firmly has these countries populace, leaders and justices in his grasp…

While the western record on abortion is horrible, one needs to recognize that the majority of Americans, at least, would either ban abortion outright or severely restrict it. The problem is the leadership of the country is so bought and paid for by the abortion industry that many of the Catholics among them abandon the tenets of their religion for it.

As to the eradication of Christians, there again I think we have an administration that could not possibly care less about Christians in the Middle East. After all, when it oppresses the Catholic Church (and others) in this country, why should anyone expect it to care about Christians abroad?

The civilized world will no longer act without U.S. leadership. This country cannot act in an effective way abroad if the president won’t do it. The current administration could do a great deal to save the Christians in the Middle East. It just won’t.

Unfortunately, I agree with you.

I think the lack of concern over what’s going on is an indication that there really are very few Chrsitians in the world - a lot fewer than practicing Christians realize.

I have asked this same question over and over.

Are they afraid of ISIS? Because it is happening over there? Why the apathy?

Why do I keep posting things from non-Catholic websites?
Gee, I don’t know, maybe because this is the NON-CATHOLIC religions sub-forum. :rolleyes:

Does that really seem like a good answer? :rolleyes:

I don’t think many Americans who don’t travel internationally have any fear of ISIS. Despite the attack on the Twin Towers by bin Laden, I think most of America considers themselves “safe” and the Twin Towers an isolated happening. They go about their day as if, “It’s not happening here, so why should I care?” Sadly, I think most people, even many who go to church every Sunday, are more concerned with Starbucks and iPhones than with those who are killed by ISIS and other forces. And I’m not even a cynical person, just a realist.

Leadership and public information make a lot of difference. The current administration doesn’t want to go to the rescue of Christians in the Middle East, pure and simple. Much of the liberal media shares this view of things. The horror of it is lightly presented, and the public has been taught, simultaneously, that Obama “won” the Iraq War (when he didn’t) and that the Iraq War was the worst thing the U.S. ever got involved in; Af/Pak being the “good:” (though unwinnable) war. And the “no boots on the ground” mantra has been so thoroughly pounded into peoples’ heads that they wouldn’t put armed forces over there to save their own grandmothers.

Most people, or at least a substantial number of them, believe what they’re told.

I continue to be amazed by the hateful things that are said in this forum-now there is a conspiracy to wipe out Christians from the Middle east-there is no conspiracy it is obvious and out front -radical Islam wants people to convert to Islam or die or get out ( it used to be you could pay a tax but no more)

I do not understand what abortion has to do with the OP -and what is " the abortion industry"? who is buying off politicians?-I do agree that the country as a whole should try to pass a amendment to the constitution banning abortion -ever reflect why that has not happened?

wars and conflicts today are looked at vis a vie geography -natural resources and money -at least from the Western view-the Christians are a minority caught up in a terrible reshuffling of borders -if they were zoroastrians the same thing would happen to them

It appears they will be one of many losers -history is full of winners and losers-it would be the “Christian” thing to do for western countries to accept these refugees -for catholics it would seem that the South American countries should open up their arms to welcome them-

not really happening is it?

I would guess :doh2: that it’s cuz JESUS said it would happen.

If the Christian Post was instead the Catholic Post and Mary was venerated, what would your answer be?

No one really cares about genocides in general. For the most part they aren’t often recognized as such legally until after the fact. There are currently two recognized genocides of Christians that the UN considers official - at least the last time I looked it up. Normally it requires some protest among citizens to get their leaders to care enough to make even a statement on it.

Well, is could be because that’s not what most people want to see on TV. They’re in the business where ratings are everything. I’m tired of christians in Egypt, China and other places being treated as statistics. What drives the ratings through the roof is whatever the Illuminati sees fit to produce. You can’t tell me that hearing about Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner is more important than hearing about christians being whipped for their faith.

As some have rightly pointed out, christians being persecuted is not significant to most news outlets. It’s a sad fact. :frowning:

I wish more muslims would reach out to christians. We ought to. I’ve heard that there are christians in Turkey who are granting a muslim refugees [from Syria] refuge and even feeding them. Subhanallah. :thumbsup:

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