Why Is There A Conflict Between Science and Christianity?

Considering that Christian scholars, and christian culture, played a large part in laying the foundations of science, why is Christianity portrayed as being in opposition to scientific development?

Why is there a conflict between science and religion? And is there any real justification for it?

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There is no conflict between science itself and the Church, but between particular scientists and the Church.


And more so between certain Protestant denominations who accept the literal interpretation of the Bible.


The idea of there being a conflict between Christianity and Science is just one of those lies that have been repeated often enough that it became common knowledge.


There is not a conflict except in certain circles, squares, or flats…
The Pope is a scientist. There is a Pontifical Academy for Sciences. Even though he was a non believer most of his life, Steven Hawking worked there and helped define the moment of the big bang. The big bang of course, was a hypothesis first presented by a Catholic Priest.

And so it goes.


The main conflict involves the American Genesis religions who claim that science contradicts what the Bible tells them. Whether they are part of Christianity is a matter of opinion. The Catholic Church has no problems with science and many of the world’s leading scientists are Catholic. The laboratory at CERN has a chapel with daily Mass. Theology and mathematics are the two subjects that encompass the infinite. One of the world’s most important centres for the study of astronomy is the Gregorian University in Rome (and it was the Jesuits there rather than the Catholic Church that fell out with Galileo). It tends to be only the non-mathematical sciences like zoology that inspire atheism. We need to bear in mind that science is a constantly developing subject and much of what I learned at school is now considered old hat.


There is no widespread conflict. But there is a trend in parts of the scientific community to say: science explains everything, therefore there is no room for God. And some people actually believe that.

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What apect of religion do you think is in conflict?

Let’s not use the word Church when referring to Science-Christianity conflicts. The Church, capital C, is the Catholic Church. The Church is not in conflict with science.

Science doesn’t have a problem with Christianity. Certain Christians have a problem with science. Generally these people are not Catholic, and they certainly do not speak on behalf of the Church.


What conflict?

No conflict whatsoever. The conflict is with atheists who try to use science to justify their atheism. The problem with atheist scientists is that they stopped believing in God because they started believing in themselves, and pride always blinds…

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I Consider science a blessing :slight_smile:


Not in certain cases. No.

There isn’t. Next question.

Course not in certain cases, I mainly mean with learning about space, sea life, etc. I wasn’t great with science in school, but I love listening about it a lot.

You should understand that science can say nothing about the supernatural, meaning it is incomplete. It cannot answer certain questions. When it strays beyond it’s own boundaries, it presents a highly distorted picture of human beings. Only the Catholic Church can combine science with Divine Revelation to give the whole, complete answer about human identity.

There is none, John Paul wrote about Faith and Reason. Fides et Ratio.

The genome square (Mendel), heliocentricity (Copernicus), and the Big Bang theory (Lemaitre) we’re all discovered by Catholics … who all happened to be priests, to boot.

The Church is the most reasonable and rational body in the world.

Deacon Christopher


I understand science has it’s limits. I’m actually glad that it does, it could be dangerous for someone to try and go beyond what is already revealed. I’m thankful for the Church’s insight.

There isn’t a serious conflict. There’s certain Christians who refuse to accept demonstrated facts. And there are certain atheists who want to use science as a cudgel to beat religion. This isn’t the norm.


I suspect the conflict or not is based on how literally one takes certain parts of the bible.

On the other side is an effort to extrapolate further than what the evidence can really prove and claiming that as fact.

If you take certain verses literally (or misconstrue them) you end up claiming a young flat earth with a glass-like dome. Conflicting with astronomy, geology, biology, and much more.

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