Why is there anti-semitism?


As the title says, why is there anti-semitism? It seems hypocritical for rulers in the Middle Ages to forbid Jews to work in fields other than moneylending, and then complain about the Jews engaging in usury (a service that they themselves partook of). I don’t understand how anyone who claims to love Christ would engage in a pogrom or anything like that. I don’t understand anti-semitism.


It’s really very basic: Visible minorities have always made convenient scapegoats. That is hardly unique to Jews.

Back in the late 1940’s or early 50’s there was a movie called The Boy with Green Hair that explored this phenomenon. I think Dean Stockwell was in it.


Why is there anti-Semitism? I don’t really know why. But I’ll give some possible answers or reasons. I could be wrong. Some people only blame the Jews for Jesus’ crucifixion. Jewish people appear to be stubborn, just look at the ongoing situation in the Middle East that has been going on for centuries. Maybe they are way too prideful of being God’s chosen people, that prevents them from opening up to other people and nations. Maybe they make too much of them being a suffering people. That people don’t want to hear. So, the anti-Semites lash back at them.

One thing we need to remember that Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Peter, Paul, the other Apostles and the early followers of Jesus were devout Jews. So, we can’t be anti-Semite.

Any way just my humble opinion.


The reason you don’t understand antisemitism is because hatred is not reasonable. The reason there is hatred is because by and large people aren’t particularly reasonable.



Boom! You win the interwebs (tubes and all)!


What are you talking about? Ongoing situation in the Middle East that has been going on for centuries? The Jews en masse have been dispersed from the land of Israel for the last 2000 years. Besides, Arabs that are Israeli citizens live more freely there than any other of the dictatorship nations that surround Israel.

Anyways, anti-semitism and why.

I would have to say ultimately because our Lord Jesus Christ came from them, and that God promised Israel will always be a nation, despite all they have done.

Those that belong to Gods family love the Jews, believers and unbelievers. We should never suscribe to the worlds view of them, that God is through with them. We should always witness the gospel of Christ to the broken branches.


This is incorrect.

Even during the last 2000 years when MOST Jews were dispersed from the Land of Promise, there were always religious Jews who would make pilgrimages to the Holy Land, often to worship, and often, when they were going to die (so they could be buried in the Holy Land.)

And those religious Jews never had any problems with the religious Muslims who also went there for this purpose…until the secular zionists began showing up in the late 1800s and buying up parcels of land from the unsuspecting Arabs.

The religious Jews in the Holy Land (many of whom had families that had lived there for many generations) tried to warn the local Arab Muslims that the zionists were “different” Jews, not to be trusted, but the Arabs did not understand and sold them land.

And now we have today, a violent, secular, non-Jewish movement called zionism whose original goal was to make a new “golden calf” for Jews to “worship”, so they would not have to feel a need to keep Torah to be Jewish.

If anyone wants more info, see jewsagainstzionism.com


An outrageous distortion of Zionism, and the bunch running your link represents such a tiny sliver of world Jewry that it would be a joke if it weren’t such a serious matter.

Here are some MUCH better sources of information:





Well alrighty then.

Ya learn something new everyday.

I had no idea there were “anti-zionist” jews.

Go figure.



Are you aware that until recently, all religious Jews with very few exceptions, were antizionist? The first zionists, and even now today, were/are secular Jews for the most part. Today most Orthodox Jews are “quiet” about their views, because the zionists are in power in the Holy Land. But cooperation does not always mean agreement, remember that.

If you are a film watcher, the movie, THE CHOSEN will give you some insight into how it was. Some of the greatest rabbinic sages, in the past and even today, have spoken out against zionism, including most of the past Lubavitcher rebbes.

You can read more about it on that website I linked to (its really offtopic here), but the secular zionists were so antireligious and anti-Orthodox, that they conspired with the Nazis to keep as many religious Jews in Europe as they could.

Their plan was to prevent the new state they hoped to get after WW2 from being overrun with religious Jews…plus, the more of the old, sick, religious Jews who died in Europe at the hands of the Nazis, the more sympathy they hoped to get after the war for their state. It worked.

Traditional Judaism teaches that the Jewish people were put into Exile not by our own hand, and cannot be redeemed from the Exile by our own hand. Only the Messiah, when he comes, will lead all of us into the Land en masse.

The Talmud says (Kesubos 111a) that if the Jewish people ever try to go up “as a wall” (en masse) to the Holy Land, to take it back by force, they will know nothing but heartache and misery.

  1. Well, you are hiding behind the phrase ‘religious Jews’, by which you mean those who believe as you do. But don’t worry about it, you’re not alone, many Catholics, Protestants, Muslims and others do the same thing, unfortunately.

  2. I haven’t noticed that at all. There is an excellent Chabad here in town and the rabbi is very strictly orthodox and very openly supportive of the Jewish state, as would be expected, not ‘quiet’ by any means.

  3. If you watched that film you know that as soon as Israel was established, Reb’ Saunders ended his opposition, saying that Israel was now a reality rather than a goal, so opposition would be meaningless, like denying a fact. And I’m not certain like ‘most’ of the Lubavitcher rebbes took that position, especially after Israel’s establishment as a nation.


I once discussed this issue with a Lubavitcher rabbi, since their group is the largest one near where I live. Very few Satmarers here, unfortunately for me.

He said that Lubavitch is not PRO-zionist, but neither are they ANTI-zionist. He defined them as NON-zionist.

What this means is, they are not for zionism, but they do not actively speak out against as do the other Chasidic sects, like Satmar. They are simply non-zionists.

They have to take this stand because most of their work involves kiruv, or outreach to non-religious Jews, and sadly, for many secular Jews, zionism is their only remaining tie to anything Jewish (I know many intermarried Jews who felt it was OK to marry out because their Gentile spouse “is really pro-Israel!”, for instance.)

Chabad doesn’t want to do or say anything that might drive such Jews away when they are trying to reach them, They feel that once such Jews become religious, they may come to see zionism for what it really is, as they grow more spiritual (and this has in fact happened to many baal teshuvah Jews.)

The last Lubavitcher Rebbe never set foot in the Holy Land; did you ever wonder why that was? When asked, he would reply that he will go there when Mashiach comes. That is the same reply I aslo give, when people me why I have never been there.

Have you ever been in a Lubavitcher shul? Did you see a zionist flag, as you usually do in non-Orthodox synagogues? You never will, either, and that is why.


“Those secular Zionists” have made that land flourish again and have made it a modern 21st century peaceful democratic nation. Mosques within Israel are not tampered with and “religious Jews” that protest the government and Zionism can do so without a hassle. Why? Because its a democracy.

I have heard many, many stories from friends who are Jews in Israel when it comes to the ultra-orthodox and their harrassing, violent behavior towards Messianic believers.

But yet, according to you, these “religious Jews” have always remained at peace with “religious Muslims”, which makes sense. It seems the ultra orthodox would rather rule the place itself with its own ayatollah.

But here is the good news HashemEchad, secular Jews or religious Jews, the fact is they are back in the land. And the Jews who make up the remnant of Israel, those in Church of God, that is those that belong to Yeshua, are there to helping their brethern back to their God the way he wants them to seek him, through his only son, Yeshua.


By the way, I would recommend renaming the site “jewsagainstGodspropheticword .com”

Ezekiel 36 and 37 says it all.

The land is prophesied to so it knows the “House of Israel” is coming back to dwell in it so it will prosper for them again**(it happened), the “House of Israel” are restored to the land(is happening)** and then spritually restored**(still happening)**. The God of Israel is doing this for his namesake, NOT because they deserve it.

The God of Israel is great!


Defome recently. The state of Israel is only 60 years old. And why did they change their minds?

The first zionists, and even now today, were/are secular Jews for the most part. Today most Orthodox Jews are “quiet” about their views, because the zionists are in power in the Holy Land. But cooperation does not always mean agreement, remember that.

They agree to take part in the Israeli gov’t and they agree to accept quite a few perks, in the amount of 10s of millions of dollars a year.

The Talmud says (Kesubos 111a) that if the Jewish people ever try to go up “as a wall” (en masse) to the Holy Land, to take it back by force, they will know nothing but heartache and misery.

Kesubos 111a, also says that no gentile nation should excessively punish Israel. This latter prohibition is considered a condition of the former prohibition. Nazi Germany and other instances broke a prohibiton/condition to the prohibition of taking Israel in mass. And Jews in Israel have known joy, peace, prosperity, etc. They ahve not been condemed to nothing but heartache and misery.


Its not that Orthodox Jews ‘changed their minds’…many have adopted a policy of what many call “reluctant cooperation”. They recognize that the zionist state is a reality for the time being, and so they cooperate with them to an extent, because they feel that doing so helps to safeguard the rights of religious Jews in the Holy Land. But cooperation should never be assumed to equal agreement. :slight_smile:

As for any religious Jews who are against the zionist state yet take state aid, they are hypocrites and I will be the first to say that. That is why the only money I donate to groups in the Holy Land are to groups that do not take any state aid, and are very poor because of it. I figure they need my tzedakah more than anyone, since they ARE putting their money where their mouths are.


Poeple in the Middle Ages did not think the way people think now. I think you shouls some books about the MA just to understand them. Reality 1000 years ago was veeery different from modern times. We should also remember that antisemitism is a reaction to Jewish behaviour towards gois. There was anitsimitism also before Christianity, as a result of Jewish superiority complex. They despise(d) others and feel better than others because of being the chosen nation.

Have a look here:
God bless


And do you understand Jewish anti-christianity, especially anti-catholicism?


Why do you like to post antisemitic websites created by white supremacists? Just wondering.

As for Jewish behavior causing hatred of Jews, one could easily say the same about Catholics like you causing people to hate Catholicism.


You say Jews have a superiority complex, and so we are hated.

For many centuries, Catholicism taught that their church was the only true one, and so, many non-Catholics saw Catholics as also having a superiority complex, so maybe that’s why your church was hated. And I’m sure the medieval behavior of your religion toward non-Catholics didn’t help your church’s image any.

Now, you may say, but we do not see ourselves as superior, but we do believe our religion is the correct one.

We Jews do not teach in our religion that our religion is superior to all others (except maybe for Jews!), nor do we teach that we are better than other people. We simply believe that God set us apart to be a witness to His Torah, and that He blesses us when we keep it, and punishes us when we do not. It does not mean we are “better than” others, but it does mean we have a different role to play than others.

BTW if you are going to take the time to study Jews so as to hate us better, at least get a handle on Hebrew transliterations! Its not “gois” but “goyim” (plural). And the Hebrew word “goy” (singular) does not mean only Gentiles, it is the Hebrew word for “nation”. The Jewish nation is also a “goy”.

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