Why is there no redemption for the fallen angels?


God is the creator. Angels are his creatures. Man are his creatures. However, man was made in God’s image.

The angels transgressed and man transgressed.

Why did God send His Son to save man, but did not send His Son to save the fallen angels?

I keep thinking that since man was made in God’s image and angels were not that might have something to do with the answer. But I can’t figure this out and would really like help with this question.

Thank you.
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The angels have complete knowledge so when they exercise free will they absolutely know every consequence of that decision. Therefore, when they chose to reject God’s plan they knew the consequences would be permanent - and yet they chose those consequences over God.

Man does not have full knowledge. Our minds can’t comprehend all that. We grow over time to understand but even our best comprehension is not full. That’s why we are allowed to change our minds and our hearts as we grow in our understanding of God’s plan for us and why God forgives us along the way, should we seek his forgiveness.


The angels are not the same sort of creature as human beings. They are creatures of light, not of flesh and blood. They do not live within time but dwell in eternity. For them there is no passage of time. Now is always now, to them. So, any decisions they made were made in the eternal now, and so cannot change. Man, however, lives in time, and can change his life within that time, but once he dies time effectively ends for him. This is why heaven and hell are eternal–because they too are of the eternal now, and do not exist in time. Purgatory is a state of being between time and eternity in which the saved, but not as yet fully purified souls, are purged of all fleshly desires and where they pay the temporal punishment due to sins which they didn’t satisfy while still living on the earth.


I highly recommend the book Theology for Beginners by Frank Sheed. It’s awesome.


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