Why is there so much Tradition?

I am a cradle catholic, and have stepped away in my late youth, as many do when interests change when you are growing up. I have recently stepped back into to the church, but not before researching other religions for personal insight. I never stepped away from God, however I have a new found love for monotheistic religions, and I enjoy learning about them and how they uniquely worship God.

When I was researching other religions I was told to ignore the traditions, because they can change from country to country, city to city, even parish to parish. Just look at the teachings in the Book, and find the truth there. If you cant find it in the Book, then its a tradition and should not be viewed as part of the original teachings.

When coming back to the Catholic faith, I see that I am surrounded by traditional things, and I dont understand why its being done. I am disappointed that the faith I grew up with and enjoyed feels overflowing with political views, blind faith answers, too little scripture in the mass, and too many prayers to ‘middlemen’ and not directed to God. I feel kind of lost and confused as to what is really going on. However I’m not ready to give up, I will do RCIA this fall, and hopefully have some questions answered.

I was hoping some one could explain where is the simplicity and wholesome teaching of Jesus Christ in the mass? Dont get me wrong, I enjoy most of the little traditions of the mass and worship, but when I think of why its being done, for what purpose did Jesus teach us to do this, and then I cant find the answer nor the action in the Bible, I am stricken with fear that my actions within the church are not justified, and that its a step astray from worshiping GOD because it is man-made.

The following links should help answer your questions about Church Tradition. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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