Why is this done?

I was recently banned from an anti-Obama site. This is because I saw them propose a conspiracy theory that the massacre at Sandy Hook was all a plot to promote gun control. In other words, they want you to think Adam Lanza was hired by the government to kill those kids. This is outrageous! Why must we make up lies like this, rather than focusing on the real issues?:mad:

I am not sure why people make up lies like that. I am guessing it is simply to try and promote and further an agenda. In this case they are trying to promote the anti-gun-control agenda. I think often that making such lies and everything is a misguided and sinful way of trying to promote what one stands for.

There are a lot of very crazy and/or very credulous people in the world who are unwilling to listen to reason for any number of reasons.

You did your best to stand up for truth and reason, but they were too closed-minded or obstinate to listen and did the internet equivalent of sticking their fingers in their ears and singing “la la la la la we can’t hear you”.

You had the better part. You’re also far better off not being exposed to such behaviour. Brush it off as you would the dust from your feet and keep on keeping on :slight_smile:

I think some of us just get so single-focused that we see everything somehow relating back to our pet cause. The echo chamber of the internet can greatly exacerbate that tendency in certain individuals.

Look I proudly voted against Obama’s agenda. I am opposed to abortion and forcing Christan organizations to pay for abortions and contraceptives. But I’m not going to use the same tactics my opposition will. That will do nothing but make my cause harder. Spreading lies for whatever reason is wrong.

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