Why is this happening now?


Recently I noticed the horizontal lines and
the circle with my username symbol are not appearing one the blue banner at the top of the page. So I can’t click on the lines to bring up the categories instead I have to click on the All Categories in gray which
sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.
Sometimes the horizontal lines and username symbol appear, but not all the time like before.
Is anyone else experiencing this?


Are you on a tablet? If so this bug was introduced in the last round of changes (a week or so ago).

You will notice they reappear once you scroll in a thread.

I can always get them back in landscape mode, but default in portrait mode seems to be off screen.

This is on CA theme.


CA theme and dark theme both have problems with missing elements on my devices.

Default theme should show everything properly.


Dark theme is also very glitchy. You c and work around most of it by scrolling or changing to landscape mode.


Yes, I use a Kindle. They don’t always reappear if I scroll in a thread.

How do you know changes were made?

Thanks for your reply.


Two tell-tale signs.

  1. A Discourse developer showed up in my check of new regulars (they show as both regular and leader) for welcome.
  2. Things started behaving differently.


If you scroll up a few post posts they reappear. But when I scroll down, a normal scroll, they disappear for me too.


The problem is getting worse. Sometimes the horizontal lines disappear all together
even after scrolling up they don’t come back!


I hope someone fixes it. Clicking the three horizontal bars on the upper right used to activate the drop-down menu. Now it just reloads the webpage. Useless! It does the same thing whether I’m on my phone or computer :disappointed:


It works for me on computer.


I just checked it, and it’s working now on my computer too.


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