Why is TLC bothering me so much?

I’m talking specifically about their shows “A Baby Story” and “Bringing Home Baby”. It seems lately they’ve been featuring many lesbian couples in both shows, and it’s really been annoying me. Not only that, but the gay/transsexual storyline on “General Hospital” (or whatever soap it is), and a host of other shows that feel this is necessary.

Now please let me clarify, I’d consider myself to be the LEAST homophobic person in the world. I have a lesbian relative who has a wife, and they’re the most wonderful people in the entire world; would give you the shirts off their backs if you needed. Another friend of mine is a gay Jew–we hit it off from the moment we met. So the fact that seeing these shows bothering me is, well, bothering me.

I know, some might be saying “just turn the TV OFF!” (and trust me, I have) but can someone shed some light on my confusion? Like I said, this never really bugged me before and now is. FTR, I’ve been a Catholic for one year. :thumbsup:

It bothered me too, back when we still had TV last summer. I think it’s an attempt to normalize homosexual “families” and having them either have biological children or adopted children. How many more women are having babies in a heterosexual relationship than a homosexual one? So then how come the disproportionate percentage of baby shows featuring homosexuals? :nope:

I think you’re right–it’s a way to make us accept homosexual families. These shows have been bugging me too–I had to turn off this show about a Buddhist lesbian couple who were having a baby.

Did any of you see the show (it was on at night) about the married couple where the guy decided he wanted to be a woman? I saw the last half (I know it was bad, but I just couldn’t turn away) and was completely disgusted with how this was portrayed.

Does it ever bother me, too! :banghead:

I saw one of these for the first time last week. (We gave up daytime TV after Sesame Street for Lent.) I did a double take and then quickly turned off the TV. It made me physically ill.

Didn’t TLC do something with a family of witches, too? I don’t watch this channel too much anymore. They seem like they are getting way out there on things to “normalize.” :mad:

I usually just change the channel when they have gay couples having babies. It’s so unnatural watching the couples together and I end up pitying the baby because it will grow up thinking that homosexual parents are normal.

Almost every show on every network is promoting homosexuality these days. LAW AND ORDER is one of the most aggressive, with repeated episodes of “wonderful” gays and lesbians being opposed by mean-spirited evil and hypocritical Christians.
LAW AND ORDER also heavily promotes abortion, with the prolifers being portrayed as maniacs who are out to kill abortion supporters. I used to like LAW AND ORDER. Not anymore. The agenda-pushing on that show is BLATANT.

But every show almost, is doing these things in their plots and storylines. And on the cable networks its the same. BRAVO network is full of pro-homosexual and pro-abortion propaganda. Even their exercise show, WORKOUT, features a lesbian instructor who hits on her female students.

They don’t call it “programming” for nothing.
And it all started with ALL IN THE FAMILY in 1970.

That is a wonderul line! :clapping: :yup:

And it all started with ALL IN THE FAMILY in 1970.

I agree, and I feel like I’m considered too prudish by my wife and kids. I also think that Elvis, etc. (sorry, tee_eff_em) contributed to the increase in sexually explicit material on TV and radio.

Anyway, while you can’t turn back the clock and erase the effects of All in the Family and Elvis, we can at least learn a lesson. TV and music DOES have a powerful effect on minds, young and old. How can it be stopped? I don’t know. There are protestant groups trying (AFA, etc.) I’ve contributed to them – a little.

But Pope JPII had a powerful influence on minds and hearts, not by complaining, but by preaching the positive truth of the Gospel. While I readily admit that I’m first and foremost a complainer, I’m beginning to think that it’s not the most effective ammunition to fight against the “programming” from TV and music.

Ok… what’s All in the Family? :o

It also seems like every time I tune into some sort of home remodeling show or HGTV, or even the round table group who discusses restaurants, I cant escape blatent homosexuals acting as femmed out as possible. Def’ an agenda to “normalize” the abnormal.

Wow I feel old and I’m only 28…

It’s a television show from the 70’s. You may have heard of the characters Archie Bunker, Edith Bunker, Michael Stivic (aka “Meathead”), and Gloria Bunker Stivic.

It was a comedy program which touched on a variety of social issues of the day, and it clearly had a liberal agenda. It broke new ground in many different ways, most of them bad, and opened the door for many similar programs to follow. Conservatives were painted as curmudgeons, out of touch with the enlightened way of thinking. Conservatives were made fun of in the role of Archie Bunker, who was bigotted, racist, homophobic, and essentially an idiot.

Don’t feel old. I’m only 3 years younger than you :slight_smile: I am just not familiar with that show. I’m not familiar with many shows, especially now that we don’t have TV anymore.

Sounds like an old-fashioned, real-life version of the Simpsons?Archie=Homer?

Remember “Broke Back Mountain”? A couple of good friends, both faithful Protestants, asked me to go see the movie with them. I explained that I had no desire to see the movie and that I felt it was a propaganda film. I also explained my feelings about homosexuality (which are in agreement with the Catholic Church). I was accused of “hating” homosexuals and was even told that I might need “psychiatric help”. My attempts to defend myself from these attacks were met with obstinant illogical insistance that I must hate homosexuals if I did not agree that it is completely normal. I was tempted to ask them if the US is turning into a new version of the Soviet Union, but I remembered previous conversations about history and world events have shown their schooling to be seriously lacking in substance.
My friends also feel that I am paranoid when I talk about propaganda in the movies and in television shows. They do not understand this concept, and were not taught in highschool anything about the use of propaganda during WWII or even in other countries today. I think even if they did understand the concept, they would deny that this is happening with our media. Well, our government is not orchestrating the propoganda and there is no one group or organization plotting and planning behind the scenes. But the media is being used to change our society in ways we would not have expected a generation ago.
Believe me, TLC, Will and Grace, HGTV, and all the other subtle programming efforts have already accomplished their goal of normalization for homosexuality. It has worked so well, I am afraid to see what is coming next.

ALL IN THE FAMILY and MAUDE (starring Bea Arthur) were hilarious comedies that were used as vehicles to revolutionize America’s moral compass.

That’s how the Devil works. Package poison in a great giftbox.
Both shows were from the malevolent mind of Norman Lear, a virulently antiChristian man who founded a virulently antiChristian group called, ironically enough, PEOPLE FOR THE AMERICAN WAY.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Well put, Jaypeeto3! :thumbsup:

I don’t watch most of what comes on TLC. Though I do have a bit of a soft spot for What not to Wear:blushing: (I consider myself a tomboy, but my girly side does come out every now and then).
I stopped watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer when they made Willow a lesbian. Well, not right away, but once the two started kissing. I just didn’t see the point in it. And like you, I’m the least homophobic person you’ll find. I have somegay friends and I ADORE them. But it’s like what my Priest has said on the subject: love the sinner, hate the sin.
I just don’t need to see what goes on in a homosexual relationship.:dts:

Speaking from what I’ve heard, there’s not a “normal loving relationship” in Brokeback Mountain. Some people have suggested that Jake Gyllenhaal’s character is actually demonic in some ways. I still haven’t seen it (I just can’t watch Jake Gyllenhaal, he’s one of those actors who grates me), but I was just thinking that you might want to look at it from another angle instead of assuming that everything that comes out with homosexuals in it is propaganda. If you watch a lot of those shows with gay characters, they don’t really seem happy… actually most people on TV don’t seem happy.

It was not my contention that this movie portrays a “normal loving relationship.” I think it did promote the idea that the reason homosexuals (and the people in their lives) are unhappy is because society does not accept the homosexual lifestyle as a normal lifestyle. Not having seen the movie, I am basing this on the reviews I have read. Just so no one misunderstands, I, too, have friends living an active homosexual lifestyle and I also love them. I always hesitate to make a comment like that because it sounds like that old racist remark, “some of my best friends…” I don’t believe I have to agree with everything another person thinks, feels, or does, to care about them. I also don’t believe I have to be sinless to say I believe something is sinful. No one would ever be able to say anything was sinful if that were the case:) I find it curious that our society has accepted the idea that not accepting the homosexual lifestyle without reservation means you hate individual homosexuals. I try not to hate anyone. And I have to confess, although the Baby Story shows with homosexual parents annoyed me greatly, I did watch them anyway while I was on maternity leave:) Most of the couples seemed to be happy, otherwise normal families.

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