Why is Universal Socialized Health Care is being forced on Americans.

It seems to me that Universal Health Care is being forced on Americans. Liberals in power act as Royalty. Socialized medicine in England, Belgium and Switzerland is a sample of what liberals will leed us to.
We are a Republic with representative democracy answering to an elected president. We can vote him out.
England is a Democracy answering to a monarch! They cannot vote him out.
In a republic, power is handed down from God, to the people, then to elected representatives.
In a democracy, power is handed down from God, to the monarch, then to the people, and then to elected representatives.
Ultimately, the people are in charge in a republic. I fear that may be changing if American tax payers don’t take charge of the electorial process. We have never had it any other way in this country. Except when we were under British control. We had a revolution to change that. It made us Americans, like it or not!
Now, if our constitution is suspended under executive orders, then we will be under marshall law. Then we cease to be a republic.
If Obama, Pelosi and Reid are successful in bringing the U.S. to total chaos through socialized government, run away government spending and hyper-inflation, causing social unrest such as the L.A. riots only in several major cities, then executive orders will suspend our constitution!
I personally believe that that is the democratic leadership’s goal.
They will hold power one way or another forcing the minority conservatives to cave in to forced socialism while the liberals hold the house senate, judiciary and executive branches.
A quote from the Laurel and Hardy: A fine mess you got us into this time, Ollie!.
What can we do to turn the tide of this liberal cancer. You can evangilize for your local Catholic Church to change the hearts and minds of Catholics you know. You can pray for our country.
Consider attending the tea party. These tea parties are the only way we can reflect feelings of over taxed freedom loving Christian voters like they did in Boston 1773.
But most of all pray!

In what sense is this a ‘Secular News’ item rather than a personal statement?

You really don’t know much about constitutional monarchies, by the way.

We aren’t getting much help from the U.S. Bishops either.
They have taken a stand that we “need” a healthcare plan much like
Obamacare, only without abortion.

Sounds kinda nice, but since when did my becoming Catholic
require me to endorse Socialized Medicine, something I DON’T believe in???

It is a march to communism.

How, IMHO can medical care which delivers at point of need and doesn’t depend on ability to pay lead to communism? I live in a country - Britian - which has a National Health Service and while it aint perfect is a great force foer the common good

So is a competitive accessible cost efficient system.

How do you define “accessible”? Forgive and correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the system in the US based on private health insurance? So if you can’t pay you dont get. Still seems to me that here in Britain the NHS, based on Christian foundations ( most of the architects of the system were Liberal Party or Labour Party members who were influenced by Christian doctrine regarding helping the needy) is a better model than something that has PROFIT as its goal


The US has private and we also have medicaid and medicare.

For those without insurance Catholic hospitals will service them. This cost is then passed on to the private payers.

Is the service recieved by the uninsured as good as that given to the fully covered? What happens to those who are unfortunate enough not to have a Catholic hospital nearby? For the record I would like the NHS in Britian to get more cash. To do this would mean raising taxes - I’m OK with that - and probably cancelling whatever ICBM system that will replace Trident - I’m very OK with that. Some of this may have you guys needing a defibrilator but it just goes to show the idealogical gulf between us. Still we share the one true faith.


BTW: I’ve been called a commie to often for it to hurt LOL

Yes - I would say so. There are Catholic Hospitals located in every major city and usually in the urban areas where the poor reside.



Regarding the ad you have on your last post… The one about If you think heath insurance…etc. Who is or are the originators of these ads? Somewhere in the background I see the hand of “Big Business”, fearful of seeing profits dissapated.


“The sword of Capitalism is often drawn to crush the poor”

Ignore the link - i thought the graphic was good.

Strip it down - Companies are in business to make a profit. There is a necessary profit to maintain a healthy cash flow.

The insurers employ millions of everyday people. They pay taxes. So does the insurance company. Insurers claim they make 1% profits. Let’s say we move that up to 5%.

Now who owns the insurance companies. I do. I have a retirement fund that owns shares of these companies. Many of them are public. Some are non-profit.

The bottom line - is what is the insurance companies role? What is an acceptable profit? What is their efficiency? (inefficienct companies usually fail in our economy)

I have never seen the contradiction between the provision of basic health care to all members of society and the Catholic Faith.

Pre NHS here health care for the poor was virtually non-exsistent and the standard of health for the British working classes was dire, I have no wish for us to go back to the ‘good old days’ of rickets, people without a tooth in their head etc. etc.

Listen to the warnings of Ronald Reagan 50 years ago

Ronnie Raygun is not on my list of political figures I admire so I’ll pass thanks. My family came here from Ireland in the late 50’s and 60’s and my mother worked as a nurse until her death in 1990 in a Catholic hospice which was partially funded by the NHS and private donations. This hopsice is situated in a very working class part of London and I remember the old people talking about how their parents and grandparents if they contracted terminal diseases died in humilating ways in the workhouse or at home. The NHS is far from perfect and has been run down somewhat over the last couple of decades but it’s a lot better than kids with rickets and rampant TB as was the case in this area of London 70 or 80 years ago.

Due to family circumstances involving parental illness I spent my childhoold growing up in both the UK and Ireland and I remember a family member taking me on a tour of all the former workhouses of Dublin which up till the middle of the 20th century had a chronic rate of death from TB as well. Ireland doesn’t have a system exactly the same as the NHS but it would be sufficiently similar to rate as socialist by the standards the opening post is presuming merit the title.

And just to reiterate a point made earlier the OP obviously does not understand Britain is a constitutional monarchy or what that means. The amusing thing is the Americans in theory rebelled against the Brits over taxes,but they were on average paying a tiny fraction of what the English were back home.

Hmmm…it seems to me that a government that can spend so much money bailing out financial institutions (corporate welfare) and supporting a world-wide military presence, should also be able to support health care for it’s citizens, especially when so many people have lost their workplace related healthcare perks along with their jobs.

Private healthcare in the U.S. actually is more costly than most publicly funded healthcare in other parts of the world, due to the massive administrative hurtles that people have to pay for.

As a Canadian with publicly funded healtcare, I am appalled that there are so many Americans who cannot afford any healthcare whatsoever, or who don’t qualify for private care because of pre-existing health conditions. 45 million Americans was the last number I heard for those unable to get healthcare. That is more people than live up here in the Great White North (our Canadian population is not much more than 30 million).

Although I agree some some things should not be covered, such as abortion and contraceptives, there are other things that would be an improvement over the way things are done now. Of course, even in Canada with our publicly funded health care, there are problems, but they are not as bad as not having any care options whatsoever.

Why dont the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. just merge. Isnt that the plan?
We could call ourselves the United Nations.

Is this true?

“although there exists both in England and Scotland an established Church. Catholic disabilities have been almost entirely removed. Catholics are only excluded from the throne and from a few of the highest offices of the State.”

—oh, is that all?—

—I dont want any English issued ideas then!!—

Such at the language you used to create this post for example? :smiley:

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