Why is voting for Biden a mortal sin?

As many good priests have said, voting for Biden would be a serious sin. Why? Voting for Biden-Harris would make the person who votes for him, an accomplice to all the evil things that he promotes (abortion, euthanasia, same-sex marriage, etc). This basically comes under the category of “cooperating in the sin of another” (CCC 1868). Also see https://www.ewtn.com/vote/moral-cooperation-in-evil.asp

It is my impression that many people are not aware that the Democratic party has been taken over by radical extremest. The Democratic Platform officially promotes the above mentioned evils.


We’ve had a couple dozen threads on this already, but I’ll say it again:

Voting for Biden is NOT a mortal sin unless a voter were to choose Biden, with full knowledge and full consent of the will, for the main purpose of opposing the Church teaching on abortion or otherwise undermining the Church.

Those who claim voting for Biden is always a mortal sin are going against the teaching of the Church. There are many legitimate and moral reasons for a voter to choose to vote for Biden.

Not to mention that we do not have full insight into the knowledge and consent of others, so we’re not in a position to tell someone else they committed a “mortal sin” unless perhaps we are the priest hearing their confession and gathering this information from them, in which case we wouldn’t be allowed to talk about their mortal sins outside the confessional anyway.


Any priest endorsing or opposing a particular political candidate or party is violating the explicit mandates of the USCCB.

From their website:

Do not endorse or oppose candidates, political parties, or groups of candidates, or take any action that reasonably could be construed as endorsement or opposition.


Priests have said it is. They have authority. You do not. They could leave out Bidens name and just mention the issues we cannot support.


You don’t have authority either, so you’re just a pot calling out the kettle here.

The USCCB has authority in USA.
The USCCB says in Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship,

“[We] bishops do not intend to tell Catholics for whom or against whom to vote. Our purpose is to help Catholics form their consciences in accordance with God’s truth."

This thread is not about a discussion of the issues, it’s about somebody stating that voting for Biden is morally wrong in all cases. That is the decision made by his conscience. Someone else’s conscience might decide differently, on different grounds, and it is not the place of you, the OP, or any individual priest (other than possibly a person’s own individual confessor gathering all the facts of a particular case) to say that voting for Biden is a mortal sin.

I realize I’m not going to change the minds of people like you, but at the very least I can try to dispel some of the gross misinformation that you and others keep spreading on this forum, so that other Catholics are not misled by your erroneous posts and attempts to deflect the discussion.

With that, I have said my piece and am leaving the thread.


These threads about voting are getting exhausting.

Quite honestly, it’s a stretch to claim that an informed Catholic can consciously vote for a party or candidate that supports grave moral permissions which are clearly against Church teaching - even if it’s not their sole intent to “go against” Church teaching.

Ultimately, it has to do with the reluctance by the Church to tell people that they’re wrong, and fear of ruffling the feathers of those whose positions are most frequently echoed by the media and secular culture.

Hypothetical litmus test: replace “abortion” with “slavery” - could the same claim be made that, “Candidate X supports someone’s right to own a slave, but that is not the issue I’m voting for! Everything else Candidate X stands for is great, so I can vote for them!”

Abortion, gender theory, unnatural marriage, etc. are moral issues that have been repeated as “goods” in the media so much that many people have become desensitized to their evils. A certain party supports these issues much more than the other. This certain party is also still, for some unknown reason, considered the party of “the poor” or the “working man,” but their track record and cooperation with ultra-rich elites proves the opposite.


Hey, all you people who are exhausted by these political threads…
Here’s a tip!
If you see the word “Biden”,“Trump”, “Democrat”, “republican”, “election”, or “vote”, just don’t click on the thread.
You’re welcome!


Despite what “they” say, it is not a sin to vote for either candidate.

What may be sinful is voting for a particular candidate because of immoral positions or actions of theirs. It would not be immoral to vote for them in spite of such positions and actions.


It’s not just that they’re “political”, it’s that they’re functionally the same thread over and over. We’ve literally had like nine threads that are essentially “a Catholic can’t vote for Biden”. We don’t need a tenth.


There are also Catholic priests who say that Biden is more prolife than his opponent.


@RolandThompsonGunner, the tenth time is the charm! :joy:


All I know is that I’m not supposed to vote using someone else’s well-formed conscience. I’m supposed to use my own.

I understand why some people think categorically that no Catholic can vote for Biden. I disagree. I personally think the opposite.


I know that at least one of the numerous political threads has already closed, however. Apparently, for the time being at least, CAF abhors a “Catholics can’t vote for Biden” thread vacuum.


At this point I’m dying for an old fashioned “I masturbated, should I go to confession?” thread.


In the first place, this is a false equivalence. In the second place, Stalin was not subject to voting by the masses in any meaningful way, and Hitler was not either after he rose to power, which was before the real crimes against humanity got started.

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Well, surely, if you beat people over the head just one more time, they’ll magically change their minds!


Immoral actions is what we are talking about. Please don’t try to shift focus.

You claim I am shifting focus? When you are the one who tried to compare Biden with Stalin and Hitler? The mind boggles.


I’m glad you shared that :slight_smile:

“ 64. Our 1998 statement, Living the Gospel of Life , declares, " Abortion and euthanasia have become preeminent threats to human life and dignity because they directly attack life itself, the most fundamental good and the condition for all others" (no. 5). Abortion , the deliberate killing of a human being before birth, is never morally acceptable and must always be opposed

  1. Laws that legitimize any of these practices are profoundly unjust and immoral. Our Conference supports laws and policies to protect human life to the maximum degree possible, including constitutional protection for the unborn and legislative efforts to end abortion, assisted suicide, and euthanasia. “

“ 70. The family founded upon marriage is the basic cell of human society. The role, responsibilities, and needs of families should be central national priorities. Marriage must be defined, recognized, and protected as a lifelong exclusive commitment between a man and a woman, and as the source of the next generation and the protective haven for children.8 The institution of marriage is undermined by the ideology of “gender” that dismisses sexual difference and the complementarity of the sexes and falsely presents “gender” as nothing more than a social construct or psychological reality, which a person may choose at variance with his or her biological reality”

“ For example, the longstanding tax exemption of the Church has been explicitly called into question at the highest levels of government, precisely because of her teachings on marriage”

All of these things are against what Biden is doing :slight_smile:


Being both offensive and purposefully obtuse are not good debate tactics. It may have worked short term for DJT but it really isn’t working for you. Welcome to the Ignore bucket.

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