Why Islam?

drove past a WHY ISLAM billboard the other day. gave a number you can call to learn about islam. here’s their website?


muslims are trying to convert westerners to their faith. where are our best websites that compare Christianity favorably with islam?

Doesn’t Christianity do the same thing?


Don’t know of any. In our political correct society you are a evil racist if you speak out about Islam or try and convert them.

well, you probably are not going to see any billboards “why Christianity” since that use to be the predominate faith here. The best thing for you to do is educated yourself on Islam using apologelic books by Robert Spencer. Any and all of his books do a great job explaining the real Islam and what it teaches. Robert Spencer was recommended to me by a convert from Islam to Christianity and he does his research, learned Arabic.

In just a cursory review of the website, it is very disingenous, and hides the true Islamic beliefs about Jesus.

And so the winnowing fork sweeps.

Jala, not in a predominantly Muslim country - evangelization is illegal. Why Islam is utilizing the freedoms offered in here in the West re: religion & evangelization. Freedoms that they’d happily take away from us non-Muslims when Islam becomes the majority religion in the U.S. yes, I did say “when” not “if”. Unless a miracle intercedes - like all Catholics begin to practice the Church’s Teaching of not using birth control & each Catholic couple has large families again and those children are each well catechised - the Muslim population growth, immigration & converts will certainly contribute to the eventual take-over of our country by Islam at some point probably after our baby boomers population passes on.

The first tab at the top bar on that website has a link to learn about the Islamic beliefs about Jesus. They believe Jesus is a Prophet and that all Muslims must believe this also that He was conceived by a Virgin and He did miracles through the power of God. The website is consistent with what the Quran teaches about Jesus & from the Muslims I know consistent with what they’ve been told to believe by their parents & imams.

Muslims don’t believe Jesus is God - the 2nd Person of the Holy Trinity - & they don’t believe He is present body, blood, soul & divinity in the Eucharist - like we do .

What do you think the true Islamic beliefs about Jesus are?

or that Jesus got crucified on the cross.he placed judas there instead.

that all the N T is evil and not real,and they bring the truth in mohamed…

That depends on who you talk to. The “Judas Replacement Theory” is a popular one nowadays, but others think Jesus merely passed out on the cross, some think God made his suffering and death and illusion to those watching, some think the passion, crucifixion and resurrection is a lie and it all never happened, others say it’s just a mystery and we shouldn’t worry about it, and countless other examples.

The website treats Christ in a fashion typical of many Muslim apologetic sources, especially as is seen on this page. Especially telling is this section:

What did Jesus teach?
The Qur’an tells us that Jesus came to teach the same basic message which was taught by previous prophets from God—that we must shun every false god and worship only the one true God. Jesus taught that he is the servant and messenger of that one true God, the God of Abraham. These Quranic teachings can be compared with the Bible ( Mark 10:18; Matthew 26:39; John 14:28, 17:3, and 20:17) where Jesus teaches that the one he worshipped is the only true God. See also Matthew 12:18; Acts 3:13, and 4:27 where we find that his disciples knew him as Servant of God.

That first group of passages, when looked in context, do not teach that Jesus says we should worship God and not him. The second group of verses do call Jesus the “servant” of God, but what we have here is the usual problem of presupposing unitarianism rather than trinitarianism. Most of these verses, which Muslims will throw at Christians as if they destroy the idea of Christ’s divinity, are perfectly fine within the context of Trinitarian Persons (ie., the Son interacting with the Father, the role of the Son and the Father within the Divine Godhead, etc.).

One of the most saddening things to me regarding Islamic apologetics against Christianity is that it never evolves. It has stayed the same for the past ten years or so, maybe more. The same arguments that have been responded to ad nauseum are thrown about as if they’re brand new. I really pray that God uses these dishonest tactics and shallow answers to wake many up and make them seek the truth in the real Christ, a Christ who is not merely a prophet but is a King who saves his people.

right now, we are in a position of great strength, but we are squandering it. we should be utilizing our great wealth to interfere with Muslim proselytizing efforts. for example, for every one Muslim billboard, there should be 100 Christian ones. for every Muslim website, there should be 100 Christian ones (and we should use SEO and Google Adwords to put their websites out of site). But we do very little of this. Meanwhile, their numbers increase.

Information is there for those willing to search it. There are Protestant websites devoted to defending the faith against Islam. I’m not sure of any specifically Roman Catholic ones, however if someone is eager to learn what the Church really teaches then they will begin to see why Islam is false as opposed to our Christian faith. I believe even the Catechism of the Catholic Church states that there is no progressive revelation after Christ.

i’m not following you. are you disagreeing with my assertions that:

  1. there should be 100 Christian billboard for every one Muslim one;
  2. there should be 100 Christian websites for every Muslin one; and]
  3. we should use our superior wealth to make our websites show up on the search engines before theirs (e.g., when someone types “Islam” into Google, they should find a Christian site).

can people find out about Christianity if they are looking for information? of course. but that’s not responsive to my suggestions.

  1. There are probably in fact 100 Christian billboards for every Muslim one. Most people in this country were raised within Christianity, and especially when travelling through the American south where I live you will find many Christian-oriented signs and billboards, although none that deal directly with Islam.

  2. I am convinced that there are Christian websites for every Muslim one, although maybe not 100.

  3. I’m not sure that Google and other search engines operate by being bought out like that. Even if they did, is that the moral thing to do?

As to billboards dealing directly with Islam, we also face an increasing rise in secularism within this country. It seems that anything of a slightly religious nature will get offensive to someone, including the Freedom From Religion foundation. So I’m not sure how that would work exactly.

I just think that if someone’s willing to do some honest searching, then he won’t need all of those bill boards. I never did, and I’ve been one of the most fickle or wishy washy people when it came to my religious beliefs in the past.

yes, Google does work exactly like that.


not the moral thing to do? somebody goes to google and wants to learn about islam (a false religion). we, members of the true religion, can direct the person to a website which (a) explains that islam is a false religion and (b) tells them about the one true religion. is it really immoral for us to do that?

Right I meant providing money for that. Spreading a truthful message is not immoral, but the money aspect is what I was wondering about…

AveChriste has excellent points all around. While I would not be opposed to reaching out to Muslims or putting out more billboards, we have to remember, once again, it’s the Holy Spirit that does the converting, not necessarily our witnessing methods. You could put up a million billboards and not save one person. You could put up one billboard and save dozens. It doesn’t rely upon our exertion, but God’s will.

And Islam has an advantage in our western society that Christianity does not. Speaking as an American, most here have become so numb to Christian truths that the word “Christian” either means nothing or something bad, and the vast majority of people who call themselves Christian today probably aren’t really Christian to begin with, and are Christian in name only. Christianity is that “boring” religion you grew up with and which you inherited from your parents, whereas Islam is something “new and coo’” for you to try. Especially in black communities, where the church has been seen by some as either a failure or a corrupt institution, the practices, rituals, and laws of Islam are seen as a fine substitute. So when these billboards pop up and supposedly get more attention or more relaxed responses from the general public than Christian billboards do, we shouldn’t be surprised. Saddened, perhaps, but not surprised.

they are susceptible to being misled. we should try to combat it.

or that Jesus got crucified on the cross.he placed judas there instead.

so out of the two quotes i put up you only answered to one.thanks,but the story is believed that allah is the greatest deceiver.and he deceived people into thinking that Jesus had died and put up somebody else instead…and that is what the majority believe…its in the koran,if they say that they dont believe it.then im afraid they are in big trouble,that is blasphemy.its the word of allh.they have to believe in it,that and the word of mohammed.

now for the second part…

that all the N T is evil and not real,and they bring the truth in mohamed…

this is real aswell,they cannot deny this this is what they are taught.that the new testament is corrupt . St Paul corrupted it… Jesus was a muslim and every body else…

it goes even worse the more you spell it out and go wider with the subject/topic…

Please point out the verse(s) from the Quran and Quran only where it states “Jesus had died and put up someboby else instead

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