Why isn't Damaris Recognized as a Saint by the Catholic Church?

Damaris is only mentioned a single time in the entire Bible, in Acts 17:34. She was one of only two people mentioned by name who joined and believed Paul during his preaching in Athens. The other person mentioned, Dionysius the Areopagite is in fact venerated as a saint. Shouldn’t the fact that Damaris is mentioned by name, and chose to join Paul rather than mock him carry some weight even though we know very little about her?

TBH, I’m sure there are many people that should be dubbed as saints that the Church hasn’t either gotten round to yet or heard about. I’ve heard that everyone in Heaven is already a saint.

Damaris is a Saint in the Church. She just isn’t currently on the universal calendar because her feast day is October 4, and St. Francis is (obviously) more prominent.


She is recognized as a saint by the Catholic Church. Where did you get the idea she wasn’t?

Right, and in addition to that, thousands of Catholic saints currently aren’t on the Universal Calendar; that’s not required for being a saint of the Church.
St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta currently isn’t on the Universal Calendar either.


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