Why isn't fighting in hockey--banned?

My husband LOOOOOVES hockey. Loves all sports, really. But, he LOOOOVES the Pgh Penguins. Part of his early Christmas present, was the ‘hockey package’ on cable. :rolleyes: Whatever, if it makes him happy. lol

He is watching the Penguins now…and a fight just broke out. He said…‘stop what you’re doing, you have to see this fight!’ :o Ok…so I watch it (they replayed it) and it looked horrible.:frowning: I don’t understand why this is allowed, and it’s not allowed in say baseball and football. There is no need for this in my opinion. He said, ‘that’s the way it will always be, honey.’ :rolleyes: He went on to say that in some ways it has caused hockey not to become as popular as other sports because of the fighting. (from a participation point of view)

Anyways…why doesn’t the NHL ban this already? :shrug: Also–thinking logically…these young athletes are wasting a lot of precious energy on fighting…when it should be all for the game.


The way I always heard it was -

“I went to a fight and a hockey match broke out.”

I think it is considered part of the game and that they would lose a lot of fans if fighting were banned. Ask your husband. He didn’t call you in to see a fantastic play but to see a fight. Would he continue to be a fan if there were no more fights?

I’m with you though. I think it detracts from the game and I don’t watch it precisely because of the emphasis on fighting.

My youngest son played field hockey for a couple seasons and there was no fighting allowed there. They had to depend on skill and athleticism.


The best explaination that I recieved, which was hinted at in the wiki article linked, is…

There are 12 grown men skating around with weapons playing a very physical game. If there wasn’t an avenue for these men to vent frustrations (ie fighting) then we would probably see more sticks to the temple or face (which has happened anyhow).

It makes sense on a certain level, but it’s also kinda sad that we can’t expect well paid atheltes to be disipline.

But regardless, that was a good fight in the Pens game. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone work the body like Ruutu did! Go Pens!

I suppose you think people watch car racing just to see them go around and around the loop too? :stuck_out_tongue: It’s all about the crashes, or the possibility of disaster. In ancient Rome, the best seats at the chariot races were at the sharp curves of the oval track, where collisions were much more likely.

Fighting in hockey isn’t going away because it’s a huge part of what people want to see in the first place.

LOL–WHAT? :stuck_out_tongue: Nooo…people don’t want to see people getting into crashes…come on now!:o That is rather morbid!:blush:

Oh, but we do! We adore a good bit of violence and disaster, carefully controlled and slickly presented. How else do you explain the popularity of boxing, wrestling, and martial arts competitions? Would football have the audience it does if people couldn’t get drunk on cheap beer and watch 250-pound walls of muscle slam into each other on the field? Would daredevils be so adored if people weren’t hanging on their every move, waiting for them to slip up, to come one inch too short?

We are morbid. We’re fascinated by death and destruction, or even the possibility of it. Who cares if somebody gets in a twenty-year-old Volvo and drives in circles for hours? We want to see people risking their necks jockeying for position at two hundred forty miles an hour! And if someone slams into a wall and kills himself, his fans may mourn him – but deep down they’ll still think to themselves that was a helluva crash. They’ll make a hero and a legend, not out of a person, but out of the memory of fire and seconds of crumpling metal. That’s just how we’re wired up.

Will you write my biography?:thumbsup:

A hockey fight is really a not that common. When I was a St. Louis Blues season ticket holder back in the early to mid 1970s, you might see one or two bench-clearing brawls and eight or nine real drop-the-gloves, punches-thrown during the 35-game home season.

And, they really aren’t that violent. Most fights consist of a couple or so punches and a lot of grappling. The inability to maintain footing while on skates on ice also keeps the punches relatively weak. Even in bench-clearing brawls, you only have one or two main events, and the rest of the players just pair off and grab jerseys.

If you’re tired of the fighting, but you love team ice sports, try synchronized skating, the world’s fastest-growing ice skating sport.

Here’s a montage to introduce you to the sport:


And even though there’s no fighting, there are still crashes and blood and broken bones. Anytime you put 16 skaters with sharp blades and NO PADDING (except Kotex!) on the ice at the same time, there will be danger and there will be disasters.

My daughter skated in a competition where a girl on her team was bladed and bled all over the ice. My daughter didn’t realize what had happened, and when she saw the blood drops on the ice, she thought that someone was throwing red sequins onto the ice surface. The injured girl had to go to the hospital to be stitched up. Many synchro skaters, including my daughters AND my husband (a synchro skater, too!), spend time in the ER getting stitched up after bladings or getting broken bones set.

There is a lot of progress to gain Olympic and NCAA status for synchronized skating. Check to see if YOUR college has a team competing, and then go cheer for them at their next competition! (Go University of Illinois!)

Last year, the only figure skating competitions in the world to play to sell-out crowds were synchronized skating competitions. It’s a real crowd-pleaser. Lots of fanaticism from fans!

If you want a feel for the sport, read my novels: jazzicals.com/

That’s a bit weird, but you could be on to something…I like UFC.:blush: I will watch that, even when my husband is at work…I actually like the entire show, where the men are training, and gearing up for competition…I don’t watch it avidly, but I will watch that over some other sports. But, not because I’m morbid, mind you!! I’ll have you know that I’m watching it because I want to see who wins, thank you.:wink:

As far as hockey goes…like football…like baseball (well baseball not really being a contact sport)…the same rules do no apply. Two football players will be penalized for just grabbing an oppoent’s face mask…let alone bloody brawls as seen in hockey events!!!:eek:

Take it from a Canadian and a guy whose in hockey fights: THERE FUN!

It’s just part of the game, there is a lot of unwritten rules when it comes to fighting, plus your more likely to get hurt from blocking a point shot then any fight.

Nothing to worry about, just guys being guys.

Much Love from the Great White North

LOL–my husband says the same thing. I can’t imagine being punched in the face…repeatedly…and thinking that’s fun!!! I said that last night, and my husband said…some of my best friends in college, were guys I had fights with.:shrug:

I guess I am glad to be a woman.:smiley:

Cat–thank you for the link.:thumbsup: I’m going to check that out. I think it’s neat that your dd does that! I haven’t been skating for year…kudos to anyone who can skate for sport! It is great exercise, too.

Lets remember that professional sports is in the field of entertainment…just like a singer,jugglar,tiger trainor (!) etc…the owners seek the expertise of ad agents and psycho babbel people…(mmm,what can we do to live up the sport and make even more money) notice how the strike zone in baseball is so tiny the pitchers have to come in and pow…more hits and homeruns…notice the absurd scores in basketball…no more calling on traveling,palming,no real defense…just run and gun…its the sports/IQ mentality of the typical sports fan for each sport…its all on money…notice how track makes very little so they appear to be fairly strict on steriods etc…while again baseball is a joke and thus so are any so called records…like the gladiators of old…its all that the market can bare…trick is to contact the sponsors…or use the change channel mode…all the best

the IQ of the typical sports fan? Ouch, that was not nice. You can be a rocket scientist, and love sports. IQ has nothing to do with it.

Because people think of it as “entertaining”


because it is part of the game. It always has been one of the best parts of the hockey video games as well.

I don’t like hockey fighting - I don’t like fighting at all, but with hockey fighting it’s just the two guys mano a mano. With baseball, they ALL have to get into the fight. The idiots.

:shrug: yes, that has always been a great mystery in life. lol I used to be a baseball fan…but, I’m more into football…other than that…tennis will do for me. No violence, and a lot of action.

Precisely why, when we go to a Flyers’ or Phantoms’ game, we sit in the corner (three rows off the glass). That’s where the most fights tend to be.

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