Why isn't in-vitro fertilization included as a non-negotiable issue in the Voter's Guide for Serious Catholics?

I read your voter guide and was shocked to see no mention of In-Vitro fertilization. How can this be?

The Catholic Church has a position that life begins at conception. And we all know from biology class that conception is when the little sperm fertilizes the little egg.

If you believe that life begins at conception, how do you quietly sit by and not oppose In-vitro Fertilization in your Voter Guide? Because in the majority of in-vitro procedures, many fertilized eggs are destroyed, many more are left frozen for years and are eventually discarded. If you believe every fertilized egg(conception) is a human being with a soul, which the Catholic Church and the Pope says, then why is it okay to terminate many fertilized eggs in the in-vitro process, but a mortal sin to terminate one fertilized egg in an abortion?

And in case you are not in the medical profession, just so you know how this works, after the eggs are fertilized, a number of eggs are implanted in the woman to give her a better chance of one of them “taking”. If more than one takes, the doctors will try to persuade the woman to terminate all but one or two. There are rare occasions where women will refuse to terminate any of the eggs and will have quintuplets or quadruplets, like a woman in Illinois did this past week. But in most cases the woman will agree to have some of the eggs terminated.

So again, my question, why is it okay to terminate an embryo in in-vitro fertilization, or leave embryos in frozen tanks for years, only to be eventually discarded, if you truly support the Catholic Churches position and believe that every conceived egg is a human being? The Holy Father has spoken out very clearly against In-Vitro Fertilization, how come this is not included in your Voter Guide?

Thank you for your time. I anxiously await your answer.
-Jo Peters

To be listed in the Voter’s Guide for Serious Catholics an issue had to meet a number of criteria. In vitro fertilization, while always immoral, was not selected to appear in the guide because it is not an issue that is currently debated in U.S. politics.

The Q&A on the Voter’s Guide explains, “The Voter’s Guide would be ineffective if it called attention to issues which are not being debated politically and which Catholic voters do not presently have the ability to affect”.

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