Why isn't Judaism older than Hinduism if Judaism was the first true religion?

Why isn’t Judaism older than Hinduism if Judaism was the first true religion? :shrug::confused:

Define “first true religion”. Jeudiasm isn’t the first religion ever, evidence of this is seen in the bible it’s self. Abraham in his travels (the father of the faith) visits many famous cultures including the Egyptions if memory serves, all of which already had established faiths prior to Abraham’s encounter with God. So no, Jedaism isn’t the first “true religion” in the sense that it was the first theology ever, and that claim isn’t made anywhere.

Now if you mean Judaism is the first true religion, in that it’s the first religion that recognizes and follows the one and only true God. Then yes, Judaism is the first true religion in that sense. Hinduism can’t make that claim.

The religion of our God is older than Abraham. Remember Abraham was blessed by Melchizedek the priest king which tells us that Abraham did not create a religion to worship our God. He was the father of a new covenant in this religion. In a similar way, Moses became a father to this religion though the promise was originally made to Abraham. The roots of Abraham’s promise though lied in Adam and Noah.

In reality, Judaism can trace its roots to long before any other religion. In fact, it can trace its roots to the creation of the universe.

God Bless.

Thanks everyone! These posts are quite helpful! :thumbsup:

I think it could be argued that Judaism started with Adam.

It could be sure, certainly that’s how OchFam is looking it. On the other hand, if you look at it in terms of Judaism as we actually have it, it’s not quite that old. It started with Abraham, he is the father of Judaism, it’s his faith we have (any good Jew, will point this out). In those terms, what I write is aboslutly correct.

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