Why isn't the bible updated?

My brother in law, on Facebook, posted the following…
“If the Bible represents our knowledge and understanding of God, why has nothing been added since 100ad?”

I started with these are the writings from contemporaries of Jesus, and that there hasn’t been anything new, because he hasn’t come back to tell anyone what to write. Am I off base?

Well, for starters, the Bible does not “represent our knowledge and understanding of God.” The Bible is God’s revelation of Himself to us over the course of history. It culminates with the Incarnation and the founding of Christ’s Church.

The canon is considered “closed” because there is no need for further revelation. All that we need is contained within Scripture **and **Tradition. There are no new revelations because Christ is the fullness of God’s revelation to humanity. The Old Testament prepared the way for the messiah, the New Testament shows us Christ and His teachings.

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