Why isn't the Church the new Eve?


I’ve often read that Mary is the new Eve, but for me it seems to make sense that the Church should be the new Eve. The Church is the bride of Christ, the Church is perfect (although the people who make up it are not) and through the Church we find Christ and salvation. Thoughts?


I thought the progression was from :

1st Parents - Adam/Eve
Tribe - Abraham
Nation - Israel
World - Catholic Church

First/Old Eve - disobedient
New Eve Mary - obedient


Mary is the New Eve because Jesus called her many times “woman” not as a despective word as many misunderstands but precisely because she is the one through whom salvation entered the world.

Through Eve sin and death entered the human race, through Mary (the New Eve) this is reversed. Death and sin are conquered.


Yes but Eve does not birth sin, through her actions sin is brought into the world. Through the Church, also the Bride of Christ, it brings salvation to all who seek it.


Our Blessed Mother Mary is a “type” of the Church. We are the Church, the Body of Christ.

She was redeemed in advance, her being without sin a gift to her from the first moment of her conception in her mother’s womb.

And, she grew in faith, hope, and love throughout all the trials of her life.

What a model we have in Mary, the perfect disciple!


Just as the original A&E were human beings, so must the new ones (ICXC/BVM) be.



Well, the whole human race descends from Eve and the whole human race inherited the Original Sin through her.
Many “Christian sects and denominations” as well as some Hebrew sects deny this but we Catholic do believe in the doctrine of Original Sin.
So you see that in fact Eve DOES birth sin.

The new Eve (Mary) reversed this, she was preserved from Original Sin through GOD’s power so that she could bare His son Jesus whom will conquer sin and death and through HIM and his Church we can restore our relationship to GOD.


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