Why isn't the news forum showing up on the main page anymore?

Hey everyone. For some reason, the main page for Catholic Answers Forums no longer shows the News forums. Why is this? It used to be so easy to find and go to but now it’s not and the News forums are my favorite forums.

You might have them hidden - a glitch happened a little while ago that hid some topics from the front page, like the news forums. If you go to your preferences, and then look under ‘categories’, it’ll tell you whether you have any muted. Just uncheck them and it should show up again.


No, not hidden. To get to the fora, you have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page or know to click on the three horizontal lines in the upper left hand corner and go to the bottom of the screen. Whole website is hard to get around in.


Go to your preferences page. Go to categories. See if any are muted. Unmute them, save changes and all should be ok.

Edited to add: Thanks to @StephieNorthCo for pointing this out in another thread.


Thank you everyone. For some reason, they were muted. I’m not sure why though.


Probably the same reason that my health plan assigns me a different Primary Care Physician (and I have to change it back) from time to time. Gremlins?


Lol, you never know.

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