Why isn't there much written or spoken of about the actual enjoyment of God?

*I assume (as God is literally limitless… (literally literally)) that He is beautiful, desirable, enjoyable (etc.etc.etc.) to an unending degree. That He won’t just, as Jonathan Edwards said he will, make earthly joy seem a meager shadow in comparison when we see Him…because He’s far better than that. How much better? Unendingly so (again, literally unending). Basically put, He’s infinite.

If this is so (as it must be, otherwise a greater good can be concieved and therefore He wouldn’t really be a ‘god’) WHY aren’t we all jumping and jiving and generally losing our appetites over how tremendously, ridiculously wonderful He is and it will be to see Him? Most books/preachers stick to dogma (which is great) but surely a page or two of plain ‘flipping out’ over it, would not only be right but expected?

*I speak as an Anglican (although Catholicism is appealing…) but I assume this (the belief God is endless in quality) is a shared belief. Ironically, I know it is among Catholics but am not certain how far it extends to other denominations; even as regards my own!

While listening to Catholic Radio, I heard a priest talk about his riotous youth. Doing all the wrong things and getting caught. Finally, God caught up with him, even though he had previously done much wrong and hurt his parents, emotionally and financially. After coming to Know Jesus, he thought, “Why doesn’t everybody run around and tell everybody about Jesus?”


We can and should, and reject selfish individualism that seeks only worldly pleasure, but goes out and proclaims the truth about all the issues facing humanity today. Faith without works is dead. Be joyful that you know God.


If you spend some time in reading the Psalms, you may find what you think is missing!

Peace and Prayers

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