Why it is important to do Gods Will?


Why it is important to do Gods Will ?


Because if you aren't doing God's Will then you are doing satan's will.

Think for a minute what God's Will is...Love, Justice, Mercy, Temperance, Humility, and all the rest. If one is not doing these things then they are either doing nothing, or doing evil.

Doing "Nothing" will avail you just that..Nothing, and even worse for doing nothing tends toward evil and doing evil leads to hell...



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Why it is important to do Gods Will ?


Just think back to the Garden of Eden story, The only requirment from God to stay in his will was not to eat the forbiddin fruit. They dis obebyed. And lost it all not only for themselves but for all mankind, So now with the promise of the New Covenant, the rules are the same really, disobey God's will, that is sin, and you will do yourself in, lose God's sanctifying grace and risk going to:eek: . That why it is important to do God's will! Peace, Carlan


Because that’s how we show we are serious when we say we love God.:thumbsup:


Because He is God, He is Love, any plans he have are infinitely times better than anything we could come up with.


Because after a long time of trying to do it my way and failing miserably and being miserable I find that His way is the only way to go.

In other words my choices = bad:(, His way = Good!:thumbsup:

John Anthony


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