Why liberals are right to hate the Ten Commandments


It makes the feel a little uncomfortable.



I don’t know Medved but he’s right. Even the 10 suggestions might go to far for some of these people!


Maybe we can change them to:

The 10 Pretty Good Ideas.

  1. I claim to be God. I’d like it if you had no other god but me. I don’t want to offend, so if you don’t want to, I understand. Worshipping inanimate objects is kinda dumb and makes you look ridiculous, but who am I to judge.

  2. Since you are Constitutionally guaranteed the right to freely express yourself, I’d appreciate it if you’d not use my name in vain. Its common courtesy

  3. Try not to work at least one day of the week. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

  4. You should be nice to your parents. But I understand that in the interests of self-expression you don’t, at least not in public.

  5. You shouldn’t kill people who are productive to society. But the unborn, the infirm, and the elderly are fair game. The only exception to this is violent criminals. You are commanded to leave them alone. They are victims too.

  6. You shouldn’t commit adultery, or, at least don’t be public about it. In any case, its good to have a prenup just in case.

  7. You shouldn’t steal. That is the government’s job, and they hate competition.

  8. You should not bear false witness against your neighbor, unless it give you political advantage, then its fair game.

  9. You shouldn’t covet your neighbors stuff. It will tempt you to steal it, see suggestion #7.

  10. You shouldn’t covet your neighbor’s wife, but his girlfriend, boyfriend, or the wife or husband of someone who is not your neighbor are all in play. See idea #6.


That could be a really loose translation that all the liberal people are looking at.

I love your error button! :thumbsup:


I think we need to be a little more charitable at how we look at this issue. Its not ultimately that we must keep religion a private issue. Certainly there are some who might feel that way, but ultimately its not the public expression of faith that is the issue, but rather the appearance of a state endorsement of that particular faith. Granted the ten commandments are something that the vast majority of Americans can agree on, but the purpose of the Constitution’s ban on the state sponsorship of religion is not meant to protect the majority.

Remember, there was a time when the majority in this country was not worried about the impact of atheists and wiccans, but Catholics and Jews. What if the monuments that the ACLU were trying to take down were not the 10 commandments but monuments to the Koran?



I thought terms like liberal, neo-con, etc, etc , were not accepted here.



I’m starting to notice a theme in your posts.


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