Why "Lost" Still Matters

This is my defense of the TV series “Lost” in light of the recent kerfuffle with author George R.R. Martin who insulted the show:


I got lost attempting to watch “Lost” :smiley:

Good article.
Boy do I miss that show. My all time favorite show.

“Lost” was the first show I voluntarily watched regularly since I was a child in love with cartoons.

Say what you will about the finale…it was a wonderful journey.

Agreed. It was a great ride and I enjoyed the ending.

i agree great article Lost had so many catholic elements a few that he mentioned but i think one he didn’t bring up is that I think I would have to go back and watch over parts to really figure this out but I think jacob in a way represents God or the island does or something. There is so much of things seem to fall perfectly in place, the island or jacob is controlling who comes to it how they get there who dies, what events happen and so on and so forth. Now this kida gets into some deep philosophical type things so its kinda difficult to explain. But the best way I think I can describe it is by saying God is on the outside of time and he able to see all the events that happens in our lives all the choices we make and everything and fit his will into that to make it perfect. This kida works in the same way with the island. They always talk about the Island is done with you or something like that. While idk if God really works in that way well he could, it seems to make it look like the island in a way has control over their lives but it doesn’t take away their free will. Again I would need to look into this alittle more.

one other thing that is very clear is the idea of purgatory that comes out all throughout this story now this could be a completely missed interpretation. It kind makes since though, first in the last season the so called alternate reality seemed to be their passage into the next life type of thing like purgatory. They had to go through different problems in a different life and those problems would be resolved by memories or flashes of the Island. the Island in a way works like purgatory, Micheal’s ghost in season 6 siad something along the lines of I had something to finish, the island wasn’t finished with them or they weren’t ready to move on.

now these two things aren’t nearly as clear as the things he presented in the article but it is interesting to talk about.

one more thing to add

I loved the show, thought it was one of the best shows I have seen in recent history, first show that I have watched from start to end that actually had a conculsion and wasn’t canceled and left their audience hanging cause they couldn’t air any more shows it happens way to much with the shows I love i’m sure I don’t think my fingurs and my toes would be enough to count the shows I watched, but got cancelled and I never got to figure out what happened in the end. This is why movies are better cough cough lol.

Watching lost was like pulling teeth. In all honesty the shows story line moved as slow as any daytime soap. And made as much sence

I loved the show up until the end, but I felt the end was a huge letdown. Why?

Spoilers, highlight below if you want to see…

We, the fans speculated that they were in Purgatory (or something like that) early on in the show. And the producers flat out denied this early on. But in the end, the Purgatory theory was right, and I know many of us felt betrayed by the lie… So the end felt empty to me because of this. It might have been a good story if we hadn’t been anticipating something else. So many of us had speculated upon much more creative explanations by that point as a result of their denial of the Purgatory theory.

I think daytime soaps go faster, and have a more realistic story line.:wink:

Lost was a good story and I thoroughly enjoyed it but George R. R. Martin does have a point. It ended horribly. The Lost writers knew when the show was ending and still did such a poor job from a writing stand point that they couldn’t close it up. The show started as a character show and then, sometime during the second season, the character element took a backseat to the mystery and events of the island. However, that wasn’t followed up on at the end. It was a good, emotional ending, but from a writers’ standpoint, it was butchered.

Harvard - the creators didn’t really mislead viewers about the show taking place in purgatory early on because for 5.5 seasons it didn’t. It was only half the final season that they went there. Everything else took place in the real world (so to speak).

I don’t watch much drama on TV but I absolutely loved Lost. As many others have stated I was disappointed in the ending. Wish they would have made several versions of the end and let us choose the one we liked best.

I can’t wait to find time to read this blog.

To the poster who said that they were in purgatory the entire time, I completely disagree.

Everything that happened in the show up until the 6th season actually happened and was real. People died, people were born, and they lived out their mysterious lives on this island.

In the 6th and final season, they replace the flashbacks with forwardflashes, which did take place in a sort of purgatorial afterlife. In all honesty, it was the only way to end the series on a positive note. Everything else in the show, featuring sin and redemption, could only be satisfied by a character’s death. They found redemption on the island, but only by sacrificing something they loved.

Was I entirely thrilled by the ending? Absolutely not. I thought they went astray by introducing time travel and killing Locke. But it wasn’t my story to tell, it was Lindelof and Cuse, so while I can get mad at their choices, I still understand that they were their choices. And because of that, it may not be the best show of all time (that award goes to The Wire), it is my favorite.

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