Why lots of people want to be famous?

Why people want to be famous when god actually dont care about your fame and worldly recognitions ?

Sadly, some folks think that being widely known somehow makes their life in some way larger or better.


The desire to be famous can be a form of greed that distorts our reasonable desire to be loved. Also there are some careers in which some fame is part of sucess in the field like acting, music or writing. So it can stem from a desire to be sucessful at the arts.

Some people associate fame with being
very wealthy also and perhaps they like the

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There are a lot of emotional reasons why people want fame. They admire the glamor of famous people, they want to be sought after and fussed over, they want mass adulation. Some of them also want to make a lot of money, although there are also many people who just want to make money but couldn’t care less if they are known or not, they just want to get paid.

Many of us have these desires when we are young, but as we get older we realize that the lives of famous people are not all that great, that fame is unreliable, and there are real downsides to it like a lack of privacy, having to deal with psycho stalkers, attracting hangers-on who just want to be around because you’re famous and not because they like you as a person, etc.

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