Why Mary Magdalene?


Of all the women in the gospels,only Mary Magdalene is depicted as a sinned one.What is the significance of the fact that she only got the unique privilege of first seeing the resurrected Jesus,the very foundation of our belief?


There are some others that were sinful too. St. Mary Magdalene is called equal to the Apostles, sent to announce the resurrection of Our Lord, and was present at the crucifixion and burial, and supported the ministry of Christ. It was a great healing when she was delivered from seven demons.


Who told you this?


For the millionth time, St Mary Magdalene was NOT a former prostitute. That was Mary of Egypt.


According to your tradition.


Ok, why so many Mary’s in Judea?

It’s bad when they start saying ‘the other Mary’ to describe who they are discussin!!


Would it really matter even if Mary Magdalene was a prostitute?


Well, it would suck to portray her in an inaccurate way :shrug:


Leading up to Jesus casting those demons out of her, its ok for her to be a sinner, but just not a prostitute?


The only “bad thing” that the Gospels say about Mary Magdalene is that she had seven demons, which Jesus cast out of her. Everything else is guesswork, rumors, and in some cases, just plain lies.


Nothing wrong with that if she was actually a prostitute. If she isn’t/we don’t know, why make up false stories or speculate? She isn’t a fictional character that we can just tweak here and there imo.

Worrying too much about her past is unnecessary and so not the point. Stick to what is written about her and admire her for her great conversion.


So true.
I just have a hard time understanding why it’s ok for a Saint to be a former any other type sinner, even an adulterer, philanderer, injurious temper, thief, murderer, persecutor of Christians, even Pontius Pilate is a Saint in some Eastern Catholic Churches.

But as soon as this topic is bought up, heated debates follow.


Little is known about Mary Magdalene. What is important to note is she was a very close friend of our Lord who loved Him very much.


Of course,there is no direct mention that she is the same women caught in adultery and brought before Jesus or the women who washed Jesus’ feet and dried with her hair.In either case,the person is a known sinner.Still,from the overall picture, it can be reasonably assumed that both are the same person and is Mary Magdalene only. May be that Jesus want to give a message that repented sinners are equally to be given due importance…


Sinned one?
Where do the gospels say that?

I think they say Jesus cured her of the “seven demons” inside her, but…where do they say she “sinned”?

Maybe she got the privilege because she was very close to him and he trusted her the most.



It matters that people call her one if she was not. And as far as we know, she was not.

I’m sure it would matter to her that millions of people for over a thousand years called her a prostitute at a time when one’s reputation and virginity was of utmost importance.



Which makes her actions after she met Jesus all the more important!

As a side note, your premise is based on what I bolded, so you yourself can’t make any dogmatic statements on this.


We are all sinners so, :shrug:

And as to your second statement, I’m pretty sure He trusted John the most out of His disciples.


Actually not just according to his, quite a few Churches in communion with our own do not believe she was ever a former prostitute either and the whole idea she was seems to date back to medieval misreading of scripture.


Long ago when dinosaurs rule the Earth I remember our religious instructor pointing out opinion on what the seven demons meant was very divided. Some interpreted it as potentially been mental illness or epilepsy.

By the way to reply to other posts it is not that she could not have been redeemed had she been a prostitute. Other female and male saints have engaged in such a profession before achieving sainthood, it is the fact that the whole tradition of her been one seems to have arisen from medieval times onwards and to be a misreading of scripture. It does not occur even within Catholicism until the medieval era. It does cause a bit of shock mind you when you tell people from other Churches sometimes where she is a major saint. My wife found it bizarre for example as she is a major figure for the Russian Orthodox. She understood we of course don’t consider her to have carried on been one once she became Christian but still found it a bit odd.

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