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Why did Jesus heal the sick?
Why did Jesus raise the dead?

Did he not accept these things because they are against God’s will?
We accept sickness but can not find anywhere in the bible where Jesus was sick anywhere.
We accept death after Jesus raised the dead and called all those who were dead,"Asleep"
Why do people accept these things if it is not God’s will? Has the world told you that its just the way it is?
why do you accept these things?


Note that Jesus did not raise ALL those who died from the dead. And everyone He did raise had died an untimely death.

As for sickness: Very good questions. I’ll be interested in seeing other answers. I do know that sickness is not God’s perfect will for us, any more than our sinful condition is God’s perfect will for us. Otherwise, sin and sickness would be in Heaven.

God’s perfect will is health. HOWEVER—it does seem that many would receive this health only in Heaven. Your question, “Why?” is a good one for which I do not have an answer.


Often a physical healing accompanied an internal healing (repentance) and became its outward sign.


Thanks for your answer!! I figured this would be a good topic.


If Jesus had not performed any of these miracles, do you really think anyone would have believed he was the Messiah or at least someone special?

Take out all the miracles and all the supernatural events out of the Gospels. What would you be left with?



]Why did Jesus heal the sick?
Why did Jesus raise the dead?

Listen and hear when you read the scriptures, ask for the Holy Spirit to be with you to hear the word of God

Why? Lets go over each case in the bible and we will see why.:wink:

Did he not accept these things because they are against God’s will?

Why project your human nature in this statement? How do you know with certainty Jesus did “accept these things” in the way you imply?
He did accept all the sufferings, we on this agree.

We accept sickness but can not find anywhere in the bible where Jesus was sick anywhere.

Well, we are not Jesus Christ are we? We are called to be saints, but none of us will be Jesus Christ. To Him alone is the Glory, the Honor the Life, I could go on but you get the drift.:wink:

We accept death after Jesus raised the dead and called all those who were dead,“Asleep”

Acceptance of Death is not an issue. Acceptance of a ressurection is.
Only through Jesus Christ, can we believe this.

Why do people accept these things if it is not God’s will?

so far you have a weak case for “proving” God’s will. Sorry Storm, I love ya, but I cant agree with this one. :shrug:

Has the world told you that its just the way it is?
why do you accept these things?

Absolutely not.

Jesus Christ — gets the say here. Tell me where he proposed your ideas?


The Gospel of John calls these miracles signs. He performed them to fullfill prophecies in the Old testament concerning His coming so that people would know that He was and is the Messiah. "Now when John heard in prison about the deeds of the Christ, he sent word by his disciples, and said to Him, "Are you He who is to come, or shall we look for another?’ And Jesus answered them. ‘Go and tell John what you hear and see: the blind receive their sight and the lame walk, lepers are cleansed and the deaf hear, and the dead are raised up and the poor have good news preached to them. And blessed is he who takes no offense at me.’ "Matt. 11:2-6 Jesus didn’t answer the question directly because John knew the O.T. prohecies and like the disciples, Jesus wanted to know from John, “…But who do you say that I AM?” Matt.16:17. And He wants to know from why? and He wants to know from the threadkiller and He wants to know from all who profess discipleship, “But who do you say that I AM?” To this very day two- thousand years later, we can emulate the One who exhorts us to “come follow Me” by asking Peter, in the person of Pope Benedict XVl, Who do you say the Messiah is? As a matter of fact, Pope Benedict just released a book called “Jesus of Nazereth”. As far as Jesus never being sick in the Bible and the acceptance of sickness and death, I suggest you read about the “fall of man” in Genesis 1and the “sufferig servant” in Isaiah 53.


Who said “Were it not the miracles the world would have fallen at Jesus’ feet?”


Neither will you find anywhere in Scripture that He sinned (nor could He), and both for the same reason: To heal us from sin and sickness He has to have the health and wholeness that He imparts to us. Christ as a healer must have what He is going to share, i.e., He must be fully, i.e., perfectly human and Divine or He could not heal us. He gives us the health, as it were, He has. If He did not have this health we, being sick, could not receive healing.


I don’t know who said that? Please enlightened me.


What makes you think it is not God’s will? God’s will/Divine providence most certainly includes suffering, not for His sake, but for ours. To think otherwise is to limit the effects of suffering to the here and now. Suffering (sickness, pain, grief, mourning, death,etc) is the instrument the Divine surgeon utilizes to cut away our spiritual disease (sin). We, therefore, accept suffering as part of God’s Divine Plan for our SALVATION.

If you knew that your child needed a painful operation to SAVE his life, you would have him submit to the pain for the ultimate good of saving his (physical) life.

Remember God’s promise in Romans…All things work to good for those who love Him.


I think storm807’s question is somewhat different. I grant everything you say; however, the question is something more like, “If all that is true, why didn’t Jesus ever meet ONE PERSON that it applied to?” It seems He healed all, and repeatedly referred to sickness as the oppression of the enemy. Wouldn’t the odds be that He would meet ONE person to whom He would say, “Your sickness is part of God’s plan for you; therefore, healing is not for you at this time”?

So the question is, why didn’t He?


Thanks for your reply but I was not proving a case for God’s will.
These are simply questions that I threw out there fo rpeople to think about.No one knows God’s will except God himself.
I just believe that God wanted the best for us and through Jesus we can have it.



Jesus caught a cold???
Okay,plain and simple, Does GOD want you sick? Does Jesus want you to die?


‘The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord’. That’s from the Book of Job.

The whole point of the Book of Job is to blast to shreds the idea that suffering is punishment from God for our personal sin, or that it is inevitably a bad thing - a lot of good came to Job out of his suffering, a deeper relationship with God.

Sometimes God cures by miracles, sometimes God cures by telling us to go to a doctor when we’re sick. Sometimes God doesn’t cure. Suffering serves purposes of its own if we let it and look to bring good out of it.


Thank you for that great answer!!:thumbsup:


Still, I stubbornly want to bring up the ministry of Jesus. He encountered hundreds of sick people. Wouldn’t it have been such a great teaching opportunity if He had just said to one of them, “It is not God’s will to cure you at this time. Your suffering will serve purposes of its own if we let it and look to bring good out of it.”

I’m not against this as an answer, by the way. I am just still wondering: Why did it not seem to be an answer in the ministry of Jesus? You might respond, “God worked especially in this way through Jesus to establish Him as the Son of God.” Well, okay—but that would mean that it was not God’s will for ANY of the sick people Jesus healed to be sick. Why do we accept sickness so readily today as God’s will?


But we don’t accept it too readily - not in my humble opinion. For starters we do seek often extremely aggressive medical treatment (at least I hope we do!) Which is fitting and right, since medicine is another of God’s gifts. That in itself shows that we don’t JUST accept illness.

And we pray mightily for healing of the sick (just look in the prayer intentions section of these forums!) We have priests sacramentally anoint the sick. In my own diocese there are WEEKLY healing masses as well as other masses where all the sick of the parish can be sacramentally anointed.

In short we try, as the people around Christ and the Apostles did in their time, to seek healing by any means possible. Do you think they healed every single person who asked or who sought physical healing from them? We can be reasonably sure they didn’t. Jesus said ‘you will always have the poor with you’. I’m sure he could have added ‘you will always have the sick as well’.


The answers to your first question is **“NO”. **
Jesus came so we may have life and have it more abundantly.
3 John: 1-2 “Beloved, I hope you are prospering in every respect and are in good health, just as your soul is prospering.”

Reading the Gospels, we see Jesus healed all the sick. He has never refused anyone of healing.

God does not want us to be sick just like He does not want us to sin.

We sin out of our free will. We get sick out of breaking the natural law. For example, if a person smokes, he may get lung cancer. If a person eats too much fat, he may get heart disease, if a person is exposed to harmful chemicals, he may also get cancer, if a person does not take proper care of himself, his immune system may break down, etc… God does not want us to be sick. We, either by our own neglect, or ignorance, or bad gene, or by other people’s behavior such as second hand smoke, or by contagious germs, can break the natural law of our body and get sick.

The answer to your second question is also “NO”, but
everyone’s life has been recorded in God’s book. If it is time for one person to go, then the person will leave this world. God is in charge of life and death. Everything has a time. A time to be born, a time to die… But God wants the best for each of us. He wants us to have long healthy life.

When suffering comes, we pray it to be lifted up but when it is not lifted up yet, we offer it up.


I agree Storm!

Sorry if I misunderstood. :o

Love always

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