Why Muhammed Preached about God?



Just a question to ponder for my catholic friends .

Why do you think Muhammed preached about God? What was his aims and what did he gain from it? Did he achieve his aims ?

I am not talking here about where did he get hos message from and if he is really a prophet and all this stuff. I am just asking why in teh first place.

Everey body has a reason . Muslims believe he was a prophet from God and thus it was his mission .

So what was his true mission?



To stir up the pot.

I have a cousin who preaches about God. He is a JW. He goes through life considering himself a great theologian. Everyone else is an idiot. He observes people without being truly involved then pontificates. He also writes about God prolifically. He has a small band of followers- his family. What is his mission?

Joseph Smith was a prophet. He had visions and dreams, tablets, information unknown to the rest world, secret messages, etc. In the Church we call this a sign of satanic possession, especially the part about mysterious secret knowledge. He started a whole new religion complete with a book to compete with the Bible.

What was the mission of Ami Semple MacPherson? She was a prophet. Went about preaching on God. Stuck balloons under the shirts of people to look like fatal tumors and popped them during revival shows to prove a cure. What was her mission?

David Koresh was a prophet. What was his mission? Who knows? He just got everybody killed.

My next door neighbor is a prophet. He knows exactly what we are doing wrong to displease God and can cite the Bible chapter and verse. What’s his mission?

Jack Chick is a prophet. He knows Catholics are going to the bad place. What’s his mission?

Our mayor is a prophet. And a catholic one at that. Unfortunately her “conscience” does not allow her to agree with the Church on most things. God wants her to be mayor- she told me so. What is her mission? She pushed hard for petunias in buckets on main street.

Our president is a prophet. Can’t stop talking about God. What is his mission?

False prophets abound.

During the time of Christ’s ministry on earth, there were literally hundreds of messiahs running around. What was their mission?

You ask us what is the mission of a guy who comes from no where and begins preaching about God and claiming to be a prophet of God etc. According to Jesus his mission is to snatch the sheep and we should beware.

My cousin- I think his mission is to avoid doing any work, therefore he can talk about God all day.:smiley:
Muhammad is your prophet. Who do you say he is? Why ask us?


I think something of the message of God is in Islam, it’s a skewed version that consists of stuff the Prophet learned from the Jews and Christians he interacted with.

I think he achieved what he set out to do, which was enslave an army through religion.


Hello Meedo,

That’s a great question to ask about anyone of any faith who preaches about God.

I think sometimes people have an “I” problem. They want to be “rock stars” in the most important business in the universe, eternal life.

By the way, I read that Muhammed, seeking advice about his visions (terminology?) was influenced by a Nestorian. Can you shed some light on this?


How about, to bamboozle his gullible followers?:smiley:


Muhammed preached a God that is capricious. A divine Caliph who demands obediance. He is master we are slaves. The Muslim God is to small. Our God makes slaves into sons.

Why did he do it? Power, he wanted it and he got it with all the perks.


I think we have a false premise here. Preaching about God does not make one a Man of God. Muhammed preached things that contradict my Faith-the faith founded by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Muhammed even denies the divinity of Christ. Because of that alone he can only be considered a false prophet-and history is littered with false prophets.


His true mission was to manipulate people for the sake of self empowerment. He wanted power and pretending to be a prophet got him power. Muhammed paints God as a male with a giant ego which is not possible. He paints heaven as a giant sex party which is not possible. I think he did a great job as far as convincing people goes.



Bingo. This is exactly why he says:

[quote=meedo]I am not talking here about where did he get hos message from and if he is really a prophet and all this stuff. I am just asking why in teh first place.


Can we please skip the judgement and just focus on the topic? I am sure many of the posters here can open their own threads about how bad Islam , Muhammed & Allah are . I am just asking here about the reasons he preached about God.



Why? What is the significance of preaching God? Running off at the mouth all day about God is not necessarily a good thing, and also does not necessarily denote that the speaker knows what he is talking about. Muhammad probably did what he did for exactly the same reason Jack Chick did what he did and Joseph Smith did dwhat he did and John Hagee did what he did and so on and so on. What is the point of your question?


I believe he was sincere and presented material as he believed it was given to him by God.

I just find it strange that the mix ‘n’ match system he used as material was somehow “corrupted”.

If I had a dollar for every newcomer who claims the scriptures and the Church’s teaching mission were corrupted. . . . . . .


Probably because one gets a lot more followers preaching about God than say preaching about camels…



Why are you asking or curious about this?




In all charity, I think he believed that he was hearing and seeing the things he claimed and I also think he loved Allah very much to smash those idols in the beginning.

Like tequillamac said, I still dont see how talking/preaching about God or Allah all day long is worth doing if you really are not speaking with authority.

I’m sure he meant well initially.:slight_smile:


Like any heresiarch, he was trying to improve upon the status quo–in this case the Christianity he came upon. His approach to this improvement was to simplify things–to eliminate the doctrines that were difficult to understand. His primary changes were to throw out the doctrine of the Incarnation, and thereby the Trinity, the Crucifixion and tha paradox that good comes from suffering, and the sacraments and hiearchy. Of course, as we can see, like any heresy, Islam ended up a lesser, imperfect, version of what was already there. By removing the things he did for simplicity, Muhammed removed all the divine mysteries–he made the infinite, incomprehensible God completely comprehensible. He also removed the avenues by which man truly and intimately encounters God–through the Incarntion and sacraments. In this way, the Muslim concept of God is more distant and impersonal. The spousal and familial relationships are not possible to the same extent.


Qualifier: I have very little knowledge of the religion of Islam.

Having said that, my understanding of Muhammed’s mission, the reason he preached about God, is that we got the first message (God’s revelation) wrong, either we simply misunderstood God’s message; mistakenly understood Jesus to be more then just a prophet and got off on the wrong foot or because of our sinful nature we corrupted the message. Or God didn’t do a good enough job with His revelation the first time around so He tried again.

Which makes me wonder, what might be next?


tips hat to a great post





Am watching right now on a Christian Egyptian Channel about a guy ( did not pay attention to his name) teaching about God. He says sex is the best way to reach God. One must not go to temple or Church or any worship place but go have sex with whoever you want even without marriage…well in a nutshell.

This is a guy teaching about God:rolleyes: why did he link it to God? why preaching about God? well cud be cuz :

1- he is using God to condone his teachings

2- he’s just giving his own opinion cuz he thought others did not know God fully or maybe corrupted the scriptures

3- he is demon-possessed. It is satan talking in him

4- he is nutcase pervert.

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