Why must Mary be ever a virgin?

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Default Re: How do we reconcile the eternal virginity of Mary with Matthew’s gospel reading today -12/18/2014

The below is a quote from another person’s question.
My question is why is it important that Mary is “ever virgin” The miracle is that Jesus’ conception was a virgin birth. Why would it matter if she provided him with siblings by Joseph or any other?


It has to do with the fact that Jesus is not only man, but God as well. We would never think of storing foul smelling, dirty sox in a tabernacle that houses or housed the Blessed Sacrament. Mary’s womb became a tabernacle when Jesus was conceived in it. Any other child conceived in her womb would have been conceived in original sin—which is far more foul than dirty sox. Her womb was sanctified by his presence in it—as was she.
The more we are sensitive to His divinity, the more we recognize how special Mary is.

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