Why my posts removed?

Hi everyone - I posted a question about molinism and transworld damnation (a form of molinism) and its either been moved or deleted! Not sure why?

Any ideas?


This has happened to me before too. So far no one has told me why either. I’d assume it was just a glitch. Re-post the question and see what happens?

Contact the moderator and ask why.

If you REALLY must know, PM the moderator of the forum, but do it NICELY.

Quite often its a combination of two issues, both of which can be annoying, but something we have to live with.

It may have been posted in the wrong forum (like this one, which should not have been posted in Traditional Catholicism), and one of our forum brothers and sisters who can’t resist legalism report it to the moderators, who simply delete it. I’ve never heard of a moderator contacting CAF members about posts being located in the wrong forum, except to notify them of infractions, although I have seen moderators post that they moved it to the appropriate forum.

So, just watch where you post, and all will probably be well.

Well, a post need not necessarily be reported to be removed.

You seem to skip sentences…my post started with stating it was often a combination of reporting and just being in the wrong forum…try and keep up!:wink:


 Posts are removed for one or  more of the following reasons.


*]They are not about Catholic tradition or customs.

*]They are outdated.

*]The post has derailed.

*]Posters are acting disrespectfully.

*]The thread itself is inane.

*]A single poster has hijacked the thread and made it his soap box

*]The thread is nothing but a stealth way to gossip about the local pastor or bishop.

*]The OP makes references to links that are not in communion with the Church.

Avoid these pitfalls and your thread will survive. :slight_smile:

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