Why my PPC Smartphone will no longer have MSN as home page

Posted in MSNBC, originally written for the NYT


Strict Christian dogma
“My goal is to get the militia name clean,” said Mr. Gulliksen, 60, who works as a manager in the paint and hardware department at the local Wal-Mart.

The strict Christian dogma espoused by the Hutaree does not fly as well these days either, at least in Adrian militia circles. Mr. Savino said that he converted to Islam in the late 1990s after a soul-searching separation from the Lutheran faith he had grown up with, and that he believed that he was the only Muslim in the militia.

Trying to paint Islam as a religion of peace, and Christendom as a religion of violence is just going way too far. I can no longer have even MSN (which generally I enjoyed on my smart phone, well desigend for the platform) as my web home page. This really makes me sad.

You did the right thing.
The mainslime media, esp the NY Times, are very anti Catholic, anti Christian, as is the Southern Poverty Law Center (who Aren’t they watching?.) The NYT goes on an antiCatholic rant every Holy Week they say. Tells you something.

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