Why no atoning sacrifice for Adam and Eve?

Why didn’t God offer an atoning sacrifice right away in order to be reconciled with his children? Why withhold it until 33 CE? If God is forgiving, wouldn’t he be just as forgiving in the moment after the transgression as thousands (or whatever) of years later? How could he go from less forgiving (the many years before Jesus) to more forgiving (after Jesus)?

Because he decided to. He is the Creator of the Universe and all, so I guess he can do what he wants.

Also remember that God is outside of time, so he can’t change from being “less” to “more” forgiving. He just had a plan from the beginning of time, and he carried it out.

Oh, and it’s AD, by the way.

Christ dies once. Christ died for all, including Adam and Eve.

For Christ also died for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh but made alive in the spirit; (1 Peter 3:18)

Christ came when the Roman emperor Caesar Augustus declared his father to be god and himself to be son of god. That was the exact time when the real God decided to send the real Son of God into the world.


God is not bound by time…He is, He always has been, He always will be! The concept of time was one of his many gifts to man. In His paradigm, from the date of the fall to the crucifixion was but a blink of the eye, and from the crucifixion to the end of time as we know it will be yet just another blink of the eye.

Do not let your heart be troubled, God’s plan is perfect !

The redemptive sacrifice of Jesus, even though it occured at a specific point in time, transcended all space and all time. Of course the redemptive sacrifice could have happened at any time. It’s hard to imagine eternity in a human mindset - in the eternal realm, there is no past or future - everything is in the present. To God, all time is the present time. And we will not truly understand this until we enter the eternal realm (hopefully Heaven).

Ditto. Very well stated!

Why didn’t He just prevent Adam from sinning to begin with? Humankind had some experiences to go thru first; Jesus came when the time was ripe, and atoning for all who lived and sinned before-and after-His coming.

We know God is a God of love. In fact He is the ultimate in love. The highest level of love will want to pass on to others an understanding of this love. Love wants to give and communicate the goodness of love. Therefore, it is fitting that love will want more souls to experience love and share it.
It makes sense to me in God’s plan to share with many more people than just two.

When I consider this question I consider what exactly Christ did while He lived. The atoning sacrifice was essential in order to redeem mankind. But the Catholic Church distinguished between redemption and salvation. Christ redeemed mankind, the family as a whole, but saves individuals each. The atoning sacrifice was accomplished once and for all at Calvary. But that’s not all there is to the story.

What else did Christ do, while he lived? He established the Church. Why? It would be the mechanism by which he draws all men to Himself. It is His body, holding infallible authority to teach, holding sacramental rites to bring about life in each of us. And it is through this Church that Christ accomplishes the act of salvation. That is, we are saved through the Church, who is Christ.

So the question becomes: would it have been possible to establish the Church, as it was needed to be, immediately after the fall? My answer is no. The whole history of man prior to Christ occurred in preparation for Him and the Kingdom He would establish. This doesn’t merely include the history of the Semitic people, to whom the Divine Law of God was given, and whose kingdom, the kingdom of David, would be the model of Christ’s Kingdom, but also the whole history of myth that grew up in the various cultures around the world that find their fulfillment in Christ, and the various other sets of truths found in other religious systems that were ignored in Judaism in favor of strict adherance to the Law, which have since been exemplified in the truth of the Church.

I can’t imagine that this mechanism of the Church that is necessary for the salvation of all could have been properly established immediately after the fall. Sometimes, time must ripen before certain things can be done.

Lots of good answers here.

I thought I would comment on the OP. I find it interesting in its terseness, its lack of deference in questioning people’s beliefs, on their forum no less, and a certain amount of arrogance in not acknowledging that the basic problem is a lack of understanding on the part of the person asking the questions.

Someone identifying themselves a “unitarian universalist”, I would have thought would might be interested in bringing people together, especially a “universalist” who I would imagine sees God, or truth at least, in everything and in everyone. It all goes to demonstrate to me that there is but one Church, and it was founded by our Lord.

The OP serves its purpose of getting us to think and share our love and understanding of God. I am never sure what such posters get out of it - hopefully some understanding, but the attitude coming into it, is all wrong.

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