Why no change after death

I think the orthodox teaching regarding change after death is too limited in its scope. Instead of thinking that our choice is for God or rebellion against God and then there is no change, why not think more imaginatively.

For example, instead of thinking that our choice makes a static condition, why not think it is a dynamic condition? A rock falls on the ground and stays. Things at rest stay at rest unless acted upon. One chooses hell and shuts the door tight.

Things in motion stay in motion unless acted upon. One chooses heaven and never looks back always moving forward deeper into and ever wider into the mystery of the Trinity. Think that heaven is change without pain. Always more mystery, more understanding, new possibilities. More ecstasy. Why limit our possibilities?

Heaven is more than we can imagine. More than we can be now.

Why is our heavenly understanding limited?
Why do we limit the possibilities for growth into deeper contemplation of the Holy Trinity?

I am a human who know change in relationship can be deeper, alway better.
Why not think this way on an eternal level?

Sounds cool to me…


I don’t think we may speculate on what happens to us after death. We should entrust ourselves into God absolutely.

Perhaps change, growth, and deepening relationship are possible only because of our imperfection. When we are perfected, when we have perfect understanding and perfect relationships, how can we become more perfect?

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